A major shift is happening; I can feel it within and see it throughout my reality. Seems everyone is fighting with all they have to hold on to stuff that just doesn’t fit anymore. I notice the turmoil as they fight their negative ego’s voice, telling them fight harder or you will lose everything. This is a lie of course.

The negative ego is in fear. It knows by feeding you with fear, with the lies, that it isn’t working for you in your life anymore. It knows it must die; the negative ego has no place in your life anymore. Chose to LET GO. For the first time in your life, let go of the fear of the negative ego. Fight the negative ego, not others. Resist the urge to react and put conflict in your path.

Imagine Feeling freedom within like never before. When you choose to be more conscious with your thoughts, you then can allow healing to take place. You can then take the steps to stop the negative chatter going on in your head. Imagine everyone coming from a place within their hearts. If we all truly lived each and every breath from our hearts, imagine how our world would look

You need to recognize that fear did serve you well and you received a lot and gave a lot because of it. Because of fear you Realized, NO you have LEARNED now that it didn’t work out then and it won’t ever help you move forward to a life of wondrous possibilities. Are You conscious of the fact that the negative ego is killing you? You are the only one who is responsible to make the choice to LET GO of all your fears surrounding your negative ego. It is not an overnight quick fix. It takes a daily practice of being present and mindful with your thoughts. A willingness for no other reason than to really heal your life and the negativity surrounding it. It’s about letting go of thoughts that have been with you forever. It’s as simple as choosing what you desire or what you fear.

Do you desire fear? or Do you desire to heal the fear?

Do you live in fear? or Do you desire to Live?

Do you feed fear? or Do you feed your desires?

What are you afraid of?

What holds you back?

Why do you allow it to hold you Back?

What are you getting from it?

Are you ready to be conscious of your life?

Are you feeling the Shift, the realizationthat things you did in the past just are not working anymore?

Be on the lookout…tell me how you are feeling. It’s sort of the feeling like things will never be the same…that something needs to be done different to get results because the old ways just don’t make sense. Time to Let Go of the Stuff that doesn’t fit… it is a time of LETTING GO and allowing yourself to release CONTROL.. Release FEAR do you feel it? WHAT IS IT YOU WANT? HOW CAN YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN? DON’T WAIT FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO GIVE IT TO YOU, TIME TO STEP UP AND CREATE WHAT YOU DESIRE WITHOUT FIGHTING THE WORLD FOR IT. Time to HEAL YOUR WORLD…

Author's Bio: 

Debra Ann Blaisdell is a licensed Massage Therapist, Energy Healer, Angel Therapy Practitioner and Certified Holistic Health Counselor in ASAT™ C.O.R.E. Counseling (she is currently working toward her Doctorate)- an amazing skill set that allows her to teach others how to clear their MindBodySoul through meditation, body work and energy healing. More information and free meditations can be found at http://theartofhealingdebra.com.