Here’s something we all can use more of--- APPRECIATION.

Is there anyone out there who would OBJECT to some appreciation? How about a nice ‘Thank you’ for all you do? Would that feel nice? Would it be welcomed? I’m betting YES.

“The way to develop the best that’s in a man is by appreciation and encouragement.” -Charles Schwab-

Try this today: Spread some appreciation.
Let’s start with the owners and bosses out something to say THANK YOU to your staff. See what the reaction is.
Employees,thank your managers/owners for the opportunity to help them achieve their mission, and to pay you for that.
Kids, thank your parents for all they do. It’s quite a bit!
Parents, thank your kids for providing you with such love and memories weekly, daily, hourly.

“There are only two things people want more than sex and money, and that’s recognition and praise.” -Mary Kay Ash-

How about you students, can you thank your teachers for being responsible for your daily education to grow up and become who you will become?
Players,thank your coaches for all the guidance given,and coaches, how about some appreciation back to the players for all the joy they bring you from your teachings.
Businesses, thank your customers. Without them, well,you know how that goes.
Musicians and sports figures and movie stars, thank your FANS as they are the ones who truly pay your salaries. No fans, no shows.

Finally, my most powerful quote...

“Three billion people on the face of the earth go to bed hungry every night, but four billion people go to bed hungry for a simple word of encouragement or recognition.”
-Robert Cavett-

Too often we go through life with lots of expectations, many things taken for granted, and far too little complimenting.
Whoever you are, whatever you do, GO and THANK SOMEONE UNEXPECTEDLY for something that they do for you. See what happens.
Betcha it’s good. Good for all parties.

Author's Bio: 

Graduated UMASS with a BA in business. Graduated Dale Carnegie 16 week course.

Former Mortgage Originator, then Sales manager for 20 years.

Loves horses, dogs, country music, jazz music, golf, skiing, reading, pizza and Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Family: beautiful wife and well mannered step daughter, and 3 awesome Lab Retrievers.

Mission to bring Smile-Therapy to anyone who can use some positive information their life

Life creed:
Work HARD.
Have FUN.
HELP Others.
Make people SMILE.