Someday by Dr Bill Toth

Looking at my calendar it’s easy to see Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday….and now I’m confused…where is “Someday”? Everybody talks about it. Everybody has all kinds of great things that they’re going to do or have accomplished on that day…Someday.

You’ve heard it before, “Someday I’ll lose that last 10lbs. Someday I’ll tell my boss what I really think. Someday I’ll make enough so my spouse doesn’t have to work. Someday I’ll take the family on that vacation. Someday I’ll be able to afford that car. Someday I’ll start saving for my kid’s college. Someday I’ll start my own business. Someday I’ll actually take the actions necessary to build my business. And Someday I’ll actually do what I know versus knowing what to do.

As a physician I would hear it a lot in the hospital…Someday – after I get outta here, get well; then I’ll _____. As a Success coach I often hear it in the context of a post traumatic event such as divorce, business failure, bankruptcy, car wreck as in “Someday after I get through this, then I’ll __ . And yes in my lifetime I’ve even said those words a time or two.

So just where is “Someday” on the calender? No-where! It’s NOW-here!

Someday’s happen this moment. They start with a pen, a paper and an unedited list. Simply
start making a list of all the things you desire to BE, Do and Have. There is no item too large, nor too small. It’s your life, your list….and for now keep it private. Your conscious mind may whine a bit regarding wanting to know the “how” for each item. For now that is irrelevant. At this stage of the process it is never necessary to be conscious of the “How” - simply write your heart’s desire and keep writing and writing and writing. For some it helps to pretend you’re writing a Christmas wish list…if that helps you then use that metaphor.

Pay zero attention to your past accomplishments or failures…the past is past and it probably didn’t happen the way you think it did. Remember, the commonly repeated story where as 4 people standing on 4 corners all witness the same accident and when interviewed by police
they each tell a completely different version of the event. So it is with your past. It is very likely that the things you remember didn’t happen exactly the way you remember. So when would now be a great time to remember them in a way that supports you?

Once you’ve completed your list…time for a little Faith. Faith is simply gratitude in advance; so be grateful in advance for having already accomplished those items. This helps eliminate the fear regarding the How” and will allow you to now ask yourself some great questions, like who do I know that has already accomplished these things? Or Who could I ask to assist me?. We all
have resources and more importantly resourcefulness.

Finally, the most important part of the process is to use your calendar to allocate the time to pursue your “to-do” list. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Why is it some people use their time on earth to languish away in a victim role and others use it to squeeze every possible experience from life? Someday maybe I’ll be able to answer that for you, but for now I’ll say this; You don’t know what you don’t know and you won’t know until you DO. Start writing
because if it’s not written, it’s not going to happen Someday or any day.

Author's Bio: 

Bill's Background
I was raised in upstate New York and eastern Pennsylvania. This rural upbringing is strongly reflected in my personal value hierarchy:
Fitness and
Education and a commitment to continuous improvement are next on the list. All these and more are strongly reflected in my coaching, teaching, writing and speaking.
While growing my private practice I also taught Orthopedics and Neurology at both the undergraduate and graduate level, produced a TV show on fitness, appeared on numerous radio and TV programs, authored numerous journal articles, chapters for medical texts, served as vice-president of my state medical association, and started a family. I have had the honor and privilege of consulting with and coaching a diverse population of people from royalty to prisoners, from children to CEO's, from amateur to professional athletes from 41 countries and people of almost every race, creed, religious belief and nationality.
I am passionately committed to contribution and Living With Intention. Part of my philosophy is to think globally while acting locally. I am a very active member of my church, as well as several community organizations. After church, my favorite philanthropy is the Nourish the Children. I have also performed extensive volunteer work for both the Anthony Robbins Foundation, and the Make a Wish Foundation.
Since 1978 I have been in a gym or health club on a daily basis. My preferred methods of exercise are weight lifting and cycling but I participate in a variety of different sports because of the benefits of "cross training". I also believe that daily reading, reflection, and prayer are absolutely essential components of both a successful fitness program and a happy, healthy and successful life.
Why become an Entrepreneur?
I became an entrepreneur because after 5 years of Health Care Reform I found I was merely an employee of the various insurance company's I was interacting with. I became painfully aware I was working more hours for less income and I had to admit that what I was doing wasn’t working!
At the same time my beautiful daughter, Casey, was born. This was the first time in my life I started to think about my future, and of course hers. When children come into your life, your perspective changes from Firebirds and Ferrari's to Gymnastics, music lessons, horseback riding and so forth. Suddenly, I had to think longterm - was what I was doing going to provide all the things that a father wants for his children?
In October of 1998 I started my entrepreneurial endeavors on a part time basis. In January 1999 my New Year's Resolution was to put my practice up for sale. In May of 1999 I sold my practice and began to work on my dreams and my fortune on a full time basis. From there, it took me a full five years to get to the point where I could walk away and do whatever I wanted to do. Along the way I wrote my first book: "Morning Moments".
This has been the hardest challenge I've ever taken up and it's been the most rewarding! In so many ways, this is the very best personal development seminar I have ever taken. I met myself and my wife in the process…and every closet crying moment was worth it.
Today, with my wife Julie, we “get to” pay the gift forward by coaching others through the same process. There is no greater pleasure than showing others how to earn their freedom and then observing what good they do with it.
Life Will Never Be The Same