We all have problems right?

Products and services are there to help us solve those problems. Your products created are the solutions to problems. So when there's a problem, there's an opportunity for you to make money online.

But sometimes, when you've found a problem, there's already products created to solve it. This does not means that you no longer have the opportunity to tap into this problem. Make the product better, faster, cleaner, more reliable, more cost effective, better presented, you get the idea.

If you look at the bright side, it means that there are a lot of people who are willing to pay to get their problems solved.

Don't get me wrong -- I'm not telling you to go out, buy peoples stuff, and just clone it and give it a fancy new name and change the layout a bit and sell it on. Aside from probably getting you into trouble with copyright laws and such, it's just not practical or ethical. What I am showing you though is that you can take basic ideas, and you can make them a better solution to a specific problem from the ground up.

Be innovative.

You'll probably find these products in Clickbank.com's Marketplace. There are plenty of info-products for you to look through there.

No matter how weird or crazy your product creation idea seems, no matter why you think it won't work, don't give it up. Never calls it quit before you give a deep consideration about how it can BE SUCCESSFUL. You'll never know whether that idea could be your big money-maker one day.

Open your mind a little, and don't start dismissing things on a whim because they seem impractical or even impossible at first glance. Sometimes, it has a lot to do with your self-confidence.

Some ideas you got there, when you wrote them, they look impractical. It seems like there was no market for them or couldn't afford to create them.

Keep an open mind and don't start placing these limits on yourself before you start. Once we remove those limits, the ideas will start flowing. Start recording them. One of them may well be the next big thing in your field of expertise. Sort out the good from the not so good ideas later.

Then, evaluate your ideas.

It's hard to start creating an info-product, but once you settle into this idea of bringing new concepts to the front of your mind and exploring them, you'll see that things will become possible and you'll never run out of ideas for new products.

There are 4 types of formats you can use to create an info-product. Four of them are ebook, software, audio and video types of info-products. The easiest and fastest way is to record an audio product. Then, transcript it and you'll have the ebook version product immediately.

If you can't create an audio product by yourself, interview an expert in your niche market. I'm sure many people would want to learn from him.

How can you convince him to be interviewed?

Do a tele-conference call to promote his product as an affiliate to your mailing list and record it. He won't be able to resist that.

Software and video info-products are slightly more complex to create. The reason why these 2 info-products are being created by marketers very often lately is because of the high-perceived value that they can sell it for.

"Is there a market for my product?"

And can you reach them?

An important question indeed, because incidentally, if there's no market for your product, or you have no way to reach them, then no ones going to find out about your product, and you simply won't sell any.

It's easy enough to head over to google.com and do a search for your product, or a different version of it.

Also, when running your search, if there are other products out there offering either the same as you, but in a different way, you can bet your life that there's a market out there. Specifics and how's aren't really important right now, as long as you know not to go launching a product that's going to be impossible for you to reach the people that want to buy it, or even worse; there aren't any people who want to buy it.

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