Here you can read some my poetry and comment:

“What is a Sister?”

A sister is one, who never seems too busy,
To lend an ear or do a thoughtful deed,
To give advice,
To help you solve a problem or,
Speak the words of caring that you need.

A sister is one who never seems too settled or,
Complacent to understand when change comes alone,
But accepts you whether you are right or wrong.

A sister is one, who knows you as you are,
Yet sees within you all that you can do or,
Be someday,
Who inspires and encourages your,
Efforts with praise for every step along your way.

A sister is one who’s there in good and bad time.

A sister is always there in mind and spirit,
Most of all a sister is there in heart.

Copyright © 2004 Carmella English

“Today’s A Good Day “

It’s a good day!
For I saw the light, blinded no more by Love at first sight.

For God knows the desires of my heart, YES!
Oh YES! Today’s a good day.

I wake to pray and I say
Thank You God, for today’s a good day.
Tomorrow’s a greater day.
“As everyday is a Blessed Day.”

Copyright © 2005 Carmella English

“That’s what Love is “

The reek of grubby socks,
A look to say, Hello!
Without saying a word,_

The echo of his voice
Murmuring in your ear,
That’s what Love Is,_

Flowers, pleasant scent of rose and lily,
A baby’s first word,
The joy of laughter within,_

Words of encouragement,
Hugs filled with Love
And a warm embrace,_

Letting go to a higher calling
A gentle kiss, cheek to cheek and,
Saying I’m Sorry_


Copyright © 2007 Carmella English

“Always By Your Side “

Times may get hard;
Times may get rough;
Just remember Jesus is on your side.

Days may be long;
Days may be short;
Still, remember Jesus is on your side.

In the name of Jesus! Lord of all.

Jesus is on your right and,
He is on your left or,
Christ on your right and,
He is on your left.

Just, remember He’s Jesus Christ is always by your side.

Copyright © 2002 Carmella English

Author's Bio: 

Carmella English lives in Oak Park, Illinois. Carmella is fervent about her creativity to encourage others with unique style, just as Maya Angelou and Emily Dickinson inspired her. Favorite poetry is “Selected Poems (Library of Classic Poets) by Emily Dickinson“, “Poems by Maya Angelou” and “Ten Poems To Open Your Heart by Roger Housden “.

As, she continues to grow..