One of the most frequent problems in a house is the plugged pipes, but as usual, it is still uncomfortable. If the problem is very serious or frequent in the same pipe, or if we have a pipe system with a certain degree of aging, it is best to call a Plumber Point Pleasant to repair the problem. However, having to call someone skilled, such as a Plumber Point Pleasant, can very often adversely affect our budget.

The good news is that there are several inexpensive, easy-to-apply tricks to effectively uncover plumbing without having to break, disassemble or call a Plumbing Point Pleasant company.

One of the tricks is to make a homemade "clean pipe" chemical. To do this you must boil water and pour a little into the pipe. Then a half cup of bicarbonate is placed into the drain and left to act for five minutes. Meanwhile, prepare a mixture of 1 cup of vinegar and 1 of warm water. After five minutes, pour the mixture and wait another 10 minutes. Finally, clean everything with a good amount of boiling water. The passage of water will cause all residues loosened by baking soda and vinegar to be removed.

Specialized piping products may be available in stores, but these can be corrosive to both the pipe and the person handling them.
Another option to uncover drainage is by using tools. The most common are to use a Plunger, which acts with a suction system that removes some dirt from the pipelines. However, if you have come this far, chances are you have already tried it, without success.

The best tool is the band or snake type, which is a long steel piece used to eliminate accumulations of residue in the pipes. The tool is inserted into the pipe, and then rotated and pulled, causing the obstructions to break. Although these types of tools are sold in the accessories stores and home tools, it can also be made at home. For that, a long piece of wire is used (it is ideal to use an unarmed clothes hook).

Once you have the long wire and the straightest possible it folds 0.3 inches from one end. Use a pair of pliers to bend and fix the wire in place. Push the end with the bend through the pipe and, as it descends, rotate it. Then pull it slowly, repeating the maneuver as many times as necessary. At the end, pour boiling water to remove residual residues.

But without a doubt, the best way to avoid having pipes clogged and having to call a Plumbing Point Pleasant company is to take preventive measures. To begin with, you have to be careful not to throw away all the waste, especially the larger ones, in the pipes. You can also do a cleaning every two or three weeks, with products less corrosive than those you need to clear large obstructions. If you do not want to use chemicals, you can pour 4 cups of boiling water once a week, which will help to dissolve the accumulated fat and circulate the water.

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