Our Mind is a storehouse of all our past memories events, happenings, incidents, emotions and the like many things. All our painful events are more stronger than other ordinary things. Most of us nurture and keep these memories and lead a life with that in mind. This approach definitely creates a lot of mental and emotional problems for ourselves and others. If we are keeping on these thoughts and events we can never become a loving person. It is important to note that unless and until we discard our past negative memories, we cannot a peaceful life. We all know that our ultimate aim is to lead a balanced, peaceful, relax, happy and harmonious life. To experience this state we should definitely practice a let go attitude in life. We should make it a point to reprogram our mind by removing the troubleshooting negative thoughts and implanting useful thoughts for leading a better life.
Let us affirm that from today onwards we will practice a Let Go attitude and we will continue the same throughout this year, so that we will lead a peaceful and happy life.
Let us go, through the following Let Go thoughts,
1. Let go of my Bad Temper and Behavior.
2. Let go of my unnecessary Revenges and Grudges.
3. Let go that somebody is better than me.
4. Let go that I am better than others.
5. Let go of my wrong believes and concept.
6. Let go of my past unworthy dreams and goals.
7. Let go of my past tragic events in life.
8. Let go of my habit of facing problems in life.
9. Let go of my irritability towards simple problems in life.
10. Let go of my attitude that I am a normal person.
11. Let go of my attitude that others are abnormal.
12. Let go of the thought of that I am a Superior person.
13. Let go of the thought of that others are inferiority.
14. Let go of the thought that I am the strongest person.
15. Let go of going after unnecessary things in life.
16. Let go of the attitude that I can get happiness from outside.
17. Let go of the attitude that I should get everything immediately.
18. Let go of the attitude that everybody should obey me.
19. Let go of the attitude that Luck is always with me.
20. Let go of the attitude of criticizing others.
21. Let go off about what others say about you.
22. Let go of the idea that everybody should love you.
23. Let go of the idea that you should be a respectful person always.
24. Let go of the attitude that what you are doing is the only right thing.
25. Let go of the idea that you can postpone things for today and finish it tomorrow.
26. Let go of the idea that life is always easy.
27. Let go of the notion that you are a spiritually knowledgeable person.
28. Let go of the idea that you are a master of everything.
29. Let go of the attitude that you don't have anything to learn from others.
30. Let go of the attitude that “THE LET GO APPROACH WILL NOT MAKE YOU HAPPY".
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