If you have an elderly, frail member in your family, you cannot go for bathroom renovations just like that. You have your task cut out. You need to renovate your toilet keeping in mind certain points, for the benefit of the senior member.  Here on this page, we discuss the various tips or points that you need to keep in mind while renovating toilets at your residence in Perth. This will add the safety quotient for that frail soul.

Limiting the Slippery Surface Around The Toilet To The Minimal

The elderlies in most cases fall and injure themselves after slipping in the bathroom. The main culprit behind this is the slippery surface on which the elders fail to control their already unstable body balance. Thus, when you renovate your toilet, you must ensure that you reduce the area of the slippery surface to the minimal. If possible, it will be best to get rid of slippery surfaces altogether.

Installing grab bars around the toilet

This is another MUST DO chapter of renovating your toilet is a senior-friendly way. Installing grab bar(s) around the toilet at an easy-to-reach height of the wall is the best way to lend support to the person. This will lend the individual something to hold onto, securely, which will make the mobility to and from the toilet easier, safer, and more hassle-free for the individual.

 Emphasising on Usability

Placing the toiletries within an easy reach of the elders, mounting the soap dispensers, and raising the seat of the toilet are some other features that you need to keep in mind while renovating the toilet in an elder-friendly way. Raising the toilet seat will minimise the need for bending down, or stretching too much while using the toilet. This will help in particular if the person has any bone or joint-related ailment, which is a very common old-age medical condition. In fact, when you summon a professional company to renovate toilets in Perth in a senior-friendly way these are some sure shot steps they will take. The idea is to make the toilet and its surrounding area of the bathroom more usable and safer for the senior member(s) of your family.

Improving the lighting

Put special emphasis on separate lighting in the toilet area. Poor lighting at times can increase the risk of falls and injury of the elders to a considerable extent, more so at nights. Use separate lighting, exclusively for the toilet area, which will illuminate the entire toilet area. The best option for illuminating the toilet area is using night lights. They are the best when it comes to minimising instances of tripping and slipping.

Keeping the toilet area decluttered

When you renovate the bathroom, make sure you keep it as decluttered as possible. Make provisions of separate spaces and platforms to store toiletries and other accessories, so much so that you can give as much space to the user as you can to save them from getting injured and help in their mobility.

Therefore you see, when you put your plan for renovating your bathroom with the help of a quality bathroom renovation company, you must put your attention to all these aspects.

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The author owns a company that carries out, along with other things, renovation of bathrooms and toilets in Perth. The author is also an avid blogger.