Stress is very common in our days and more and more people are affected by stress. A definition of stress may be an emotional and physical strain caused by our response to pressure from the outside world. We have to keep stress under control because if it gets out of control, it may harm our health, our relationships, and our enjoyment of life.

The effects of stress are different from person to person. Stress can cause: - mental symptom like tension, irritability, inability to concentrate, feeling excessively tired, trouble sleeping - physical symptoms like dry mouth, a pounding heart, difficulty breathing, stomach upset, frequent urination, sweating palms, tight muscles that may cause pain and trembling Because of stress, we tend to do not eat or to have a poor nutritional choices and the result is increasing the level of stress and causing other problems.

Bellow you can find some examples of overload situations that can lead to stress: - you work too much and you do not have time for your family. - money are a great problems for you and your family. - your parents are retired and ill and they depend of your life. - you are a single person living alone and you can not find your half. - you are divorced and have to share the custody of your children with your former spouse. - the competition at your workplace is becoming terrible.

I have a friend who is cashier in a market. She comes into contact with a lot of different types of people and works with money. She is becoming increasingly nervous and stressed and because of that she may have problems both at work and home. Her family already feels her changed and she came to me to complain and ask for some advice. I am so sorry for her because she is an old and good friend. Everyone goes through these problems, some more easily to pass, some more difficult to pass depending on each person's psyche. I gave her some tips for stress, that I got which was fortunately helpful. I will share with you, maybe you need them and they work for you.

- get a day off from work if you can not get a holiday. - trick your mind to think positive. - place a pot or a vase of flowers next to your bed, so that is the first object that you see when you wake up. - eat breakfast. - opt for green tea. - try sparkling juice. - carry a snack. - healthy munches. - brown bag it. - no caffeine after 2pm. - banish the bad stuff. - stock your home with healthy fare. - tension tamers. - eat eggs and seafood if you like. - start mornings with a teaspoon of natural honey. - smile more. - hum a song that you like. - walk at least 30 minutes each day. - take a warm bath every evening and then go asleep on a favorite song. - smile, when answer the phone. - when you have time, do things that you love.

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