Child rearing methods like a legacy is passed on from one generation to another. Every new mom and dad is lumbered with oodles of advices regarding child care and parenting. Little we know that, parenting is all together a unique and different experience for every parent. Every set of parents face their own set of challenges and problems. So, it is not advisable to be guided by redundant myths and rumors. Following are some of the common myths along with their facts-

Myth #1: Parenting is a natural thing.

Fact: Parenting isnot something that you acquire with the birth of your child. It is a process and every parent learns as they go along. They may make mistakes and learn from the experience. Parenting doesn't only involve lot of hardship but lot of understanding, persistence, imagination, energy, knowledge and patience etc as well. You must believe in yourself and accept that you could do things better next time. You do not need to be too hard on yourself. Every parent must know that parenting has its ups and downs and it is normal.

Myth #2: Disciplined parenting makes you a better parent.

Fact: Following time-table rigidly, rushing child to the school on time and pushing him for lessons and practices does not make you a great parent. If you are one of those practicing it, then stop right away. Take pause and give yourself and your child a breather. Being a great parent also means allowing your child to have free time and loads of time to play.

Myth #3: More explanations and talking will make your child do the right thing.

Fact: Your long lecture might get siphoned from your child's one ear to another. Simple words and sentences work great and they are able to comprehend well. It is true especially for students in the age group of two to seven years. For them simple sentences is easier to follow and understand.

Myth #4: Preventing your child from struggles or being upset will make you an ideal parent.

Fact: Saving your child from day to day struggles may not be that helpful for the kid. As a parent, if you are exposing him to a happier world then you must also show him the pain and sadness. Child needs to understand and tackle highs and lows of his life. Your child will develop qualities of being resilient and he'll be stronger in these situations. So, next time if your child struggles with a problem, don't go and help right away, rather wait and stand back, let him try again and again until he succeeds.

Myth #5: Failure in making your child perfect will make you a failure parent.

Fact: No. this is not true. There is no way that as a parent you can teach everything to your child. Whatever you can't teach you're little one, somebody else will. Chances are that your child may have many teachers in life. Some were the mistakes he made and learned from.

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