So how could you really say or determine if a man is already attracted to you? Knowing the answers can tell if you find true love in your life. Well, what I am going to share with you are just some of the signs of male attraction. And some of these signs of male attraction are: 1.

If a man seems to always “pick” on you or tease you, then he is attracted to you! This is usually how most guys flirt. So, the next time he is teasing you, look closely, because he is letting you know that he’s so into you. 2. If you notice or observe that a man is being pretty protective of you, he is absolutely interested in you.

But this is not saying that if he is already stalking you or anything crazy like that. What I mean is, if he is constantly asking you about your day, just wondering how you’re doing or asking you if you need some money, etc. Then he is trying to make sure that you are comfortable, safe and happy.

Guys feel like they always have to protect their women. Therefore, if he is really attracted to you, he likes to make sure that he could take care of you. 3. If he is always being nice and friendly to you, then he is attracted to you. He might compliment you on your looks, brains, personality, fashion sense, etc.

Most guys do not know how to express how they feel about a woman, especially to the women they fancy. And that is why men spend money on the girls that they like. So if you feel or observe that a man is often asking to take you out, offers to give you money, buy you lunch or dinner, then he is trying to express his feelings.

4. And another sign of male attraction is if he is always asking you to hang out. If a guy is asking you if you like to go out to watch a film, to eat, play a game, watch a play, just hangout or whatever, then he is interested in you.

He just might be too shy or bashful to tell you, or perhaps he is still waiting for the right timing. 5. Another sign is if he already introduces you to his friends and family. When he does this, he wants the opinion of you from the people that’s closest to his heart.

It is his style of introducing you to see what his friends and family think. Generally, about 99% of the time, his pals and family would like you. But if they don’t like you, you might have given them a negative impression. But it is fine if that happens, for you could always make up for it.

These are just the 5 signs of male attraction. So if you are clueless if a man likes you or not, refer to these 5 signs and you would know if he’s interested in you or not.

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