Have you noticed how quickly the online education market is expanding? Yes, even before the Covid-19 thing, e-learning platform development had shown promise. By 2025, the online education market was estimated to be worth $350 billion. Students have progressed beyond binge-watching Netflix or Disney+. Although the school year has begun, some nations have chosen to use a remote learning mode, while others are only partly open, and schools in 33 countries remain closed. There seems to be sufficient room for the new e-learning apps and courses.  

The e-learning platform development should not be a go-with-the-flow roller coaster. Take a look at these e-learning app features. It'll be a nice place to start on your project.

Here are some key features of an e-learning platform:

Authentication and profile creation 

Authentication is a major and important feature for security.  To use the e-learning platform, a user must register themselves by providing some minimal information about his/her. After that, they can log in to the application and create his/her profile. 

From the profile, they can edit or change the information they have provided. They will also update their password on a regular basis for security reasons. If a user forgets their password, they can easily retrieve it by entering their email address.

Quick Access Menu / Speaker Search

The side menu is a very simple and efficient way to use all of the application's features and functionalities with only one touch. Users can navigate the entire app to access special features. 

Users can easily find a list of speakers of their needs and preferences. 

Watch Video/ Like Video

The user should either watch the video on their timeline for the specific speaker or search for it. 

Send Mail to the speaker

The user can send the mail to the speaker if they have any query or they want some video on a particular topic from the particular speakers.

Add Topic

A speaker can add the topic with the name and description. using which they can add the topic vice video  

Add/Delete a video

A speaker can easily upload their video, along with the title and description, choose it from a video gallery, or record it and submit it.

Speakers can easily remove their added videos from their accounts at any time.

My Video/Speaker details

The speaker has access to the video that has been uploaded. The speaker has the option of deleting all of their recordings. 

The Speaker will look at their specifics as well as watch a filtered video.

Favorite and unFavorite Speaker

Speakers may label a person as a favorite or unfavorite for future reference.

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