If you live in Lexington Ky and are looking for accessories related to garage doors, then keep in mind that “Overhead Door” is the name you are looking for. With a wide variety of products ranging from a garage door to a garage door opener and its accessories, Overhead Door will never disappoint you. You can find a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial doors on their website. You can have a look at the products online and contact the company for any further information. Not only does the company offer the best garage door products, it also offers a wide range of services including garage door maintenance, garage door service, garage door repair and garage door opener repair.
You will be amazed to have a look at the technologically advanced garage door openers available at Overhead Door. More amazing are the accessories which come along with these door openers. Let us have a look at some of their latest items in this regard.

Master remote
This is a wireless remote that is offered by Overhead Door. It is compatible with most of their garage door openers. If you purchase this remote, you can directly open and close your garage door just using a remote. There are 3 buttons present on this remote. Moreover, it also has a considerable range so you can control your garage door opener using this remote from a considerable distance as well.

Door report remote
Door report remote is also a wireless remote used to operate the garage door with just the click of a button. However, there is one added feature in this remote that is extremely helpful for the users. Have you ever closed you garage door with a remote and wondered whether the door has closed properly? Well, now you do not need to wonder anymore as you can get the definite answer now! There is an LED on this remote that turns green in case the door has been closed properly. However, if a problem occurs while closing the door, the LED turns red and an alarm starts ringing to notify the users. The user can then personally have a look at the matter and also call a professional in case the problem is complicated.

Advanced wall console
The advanced wall console by Overhead Door has been designed to provide the users a greater control of the over garage door operation. It provides an increased control over the garage door status, its lighting and its overall performance. Moreover, one unique feature of this device is that it is programmable. This means that it can be programmed by professionals according to the requirements of the users. Moreover, the console can also store a schedule for regular maintenance by professionals. It will then automatically notify the professionals regarding the date which has been designated for maintenance when it approaches. Hence, if you require more control over the operation of your garage door, then get hold of this amazing accessory right away.

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