“You don't forgive others to let them off the hook. You forgive yourself and others so that you can clear, heal, transmute and dissolve the emotional wounding, trauma, harm and damage that close your heart.

“Release the need for drama! The soap opera aspects of our lives are like the waves that agitate the ocean surface without changing its inherent nature. The dramas in our lives appear much fiercer than they really are. They cannot upset us permanently unless we believe them and act upon this belief.

It is important to compassionately acknowledge the stuff others experience in such a way that we don't claim it for ourselves. When we take over someone else's stuff, even if they want us to, we deprive them of the experiences they need the most and ones that they have worked hard to create for themselves.

“Self love is perhaps my core value. The universe reflects back to us what we radiate out and if we do not radiate out a high level of self love we almost certainly are not going to like the landscape of our inner and outer lives. I firmly believe that self love is the cornerstone to create a life that works.

“Most people on this planet operate from the victim/rescuer/observer role. This behavior perpetuates duality consciousness and places us on an emotional roller coaster that only the ego enjoys. We always have the choice to stop playing this game but it takes a certain amount of courage to do so.

“Kindness is one of my core values. Whenever I meet someone for the first time or begin to date someone, one of the things I look at is how kind is the other person. I also look at how they well or not so well they get along with their mothers and how they treat their and other people's pets. I value the time and energy I dedicate to developing friendships and I do not choose to hang out with people who are not kind. It probably will not end well. And I run hard and fast if I find myself hanging out with someone who abuses others or themselves.

“When you get emotionally triggered by someone or something, you can either react to it or respond to it. Most people react. Masters respond. Like most things - It's a choice. I used to get triggered all the time and I used to get upset and hate these events. However, now (for the most part) I welcome emotional triggers because often this is the only clue that there is an area of my life that is not healed and cleared. I grow a lot each time I get triggered if I take the time and do the inner work to identify, look at and heal the underlying cause.“

“The biggest difference I notice in friends who get married twice is that usually in the first marriage, either one or both partners felt that they could secretly change another person. By the second or third time around though, usually both partners are wiser and realize that the only person who can change their partner is their partner and only that person. Really it is so exhausting and so futile to try to change someone else and so relatively easy and effortless to change yourself that you have to wonder why people try to change others. If I get upset by other people, I focus on changing myself not them. This way is SO MUCH EASIER.

“When you get upset, angry, irritated or annoyed with someone, it NEVER is about them and it ALWAYS is about you.

Author's Bio: 

Bill Austin is a spiritual healer, teacher, artist writer & visionary. He helps healers. light workers, artists, starseeds & highly evolved souls to heal themselves, release their past, reclaim their power & raise their vibration. He specializes in energy healingspiritual growth activations and healer training. Bill has founded several energy healing modalities, published seven books and has trained healers in 17 countries.