Avoiding stretch marks is not as easy as pie; most especially when a lady is growing into motherhood or the male child growing into a father in some cases. You may be curious to know what these lines of stretchmarks are; Stretch marks are those off-coloured stripes or streaks that you’ve sometimes noticed on the skin of fat people, or people who’ve just gained weight - it mostly occurs as a result of fast stretch of the skin or weight alteration.

A good number of people find stretchmarks abhorrent and detestable, not likely that it comes with complicated skin situations, but certainly due to the look and impression it leaves on the skin. Be it as it may, whether you’re having a few of these lines on your skin and is looking out on best ways to get rid of them, or you fear ever having them and so wants a recipe against it. There are several natural approaches to dealing with stretch marks.
The best of it is the use of herbal and homemade remedies like


Sugar is utilized as a characteristic exfoliant for skin. It is one of the best home solutions for dispose of stretch imprints. Using it against stretch marks is easy, just take a tablespoon of sugar. Include a few drops of almond oil and lemon juice in it. Blend it well and apply specifically on the stretch imprints. Rub it for 8-10 minutes and after that, clean up. Keep on using it for one month or somewhere between, until the stretch imprints gets dull and finally fades off.

Aloe vera
Aloe vera is thought to be the best homeopathic solution for stretch marks and different other skin issues. It is known for its mending and mitigating properties. Aloe vera can be applied specifically on the stretch marks. And cleaned off with lukewarm water following a couple of minutes.

On the other hand, take a one-fourth measure of aloe vera gel. Separate oil from 5 vitamin A cases and 10 vitamin E containers. Blend both the oils with aloe vera. Rub this blend precisely on the influenced region until it gets completely absorbed. For better results, apply this blend day by day till visible results are clear.

Castor oil
Castor oil is another powerful healing treatment for skin diseases and issues, similar to moles, dull spots, wrinkles, pimples, and scarcely discernible differences. How is it used to clean stretch marks? More so, you can apply castor oil specifically on the stretch marks. Massage it in a circular motion for up to 15 minutes. Once the massage is over, wrap the influenced region with dainty and clean cotton material. Presently, apply some warmth with the assistance of warming cushion or high temp water bottle. Proceed with the procedure for 30 minutes day by day for one month to get best results.

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