In different cultures, on New Year's Eve or the end of the year, night rituals are put into practice to attract good luck. It is also customary to make good resolutions for the new year. In those days, family traditions are practiced by the majority of society as a whole. Also it has become a viral trend among youngsters to wish advance happy new year on whatsapp or facebook like social media these days.

It is useful to take stock of what happened in the past year and make a list of purposes and goals for the next one.

You should help your little ones from childhood to appreciate the passage of time and also to set goals and establish priorities.

Below are some things you can do with them to close the year in good spirits:

Look at photos taken throughout the year. Sometimes, we forget the good old times, and remembering them helps us feel gratitude for the happy times lived in the family.

Make a collage with photos from magazines and newspapers. You can also use printed texts and phrases. Each member of the family will provide images and words that express what he or she meant for the year that has already passed.

Make together a list of goals reached by family members, separately and as a unit. Before this, ask yourselves what challenges have you overcome?

Think about the loved ones you have lost. Talk about them and honor them with love. We must remember that death is the inevitable end of life. Just as the old year dies, a new year is born.

Activities to start the new year with energy and motivation

Instead of each member of the family making their resolutions for the new year on their own, why not share them as a group? Although children are small, in the long run, they will understand the importance of setting goals if they see their parents doing the same.

On a large piece of paper, write down the goals you have for the new year 2019 as a family, and place it in a visible place. It can also be a collage type. If one of the goals is to take a trip, then have a piggy bank in which to keep money that you would normally have spent in another activity, such as going to the movies. This helps children learn to postpone gratification and plan for the future.

Let each member of the family commit to take certain steps to fulfill their good intentions in the year that begins. It is easier to meet them when you have to give accounts to other people. Whether playing a sport, improving school grades or finding a better job. It's nice to know what others want to achieve.

Traditions for the end of the year night

There is no guarantee that any of these traditions really bring good luck, but it's okay to try them and it's also fun to share with the little ones:

There's the tradition of wearing red underwear to attract good luck, or money. People also wear yellow underwear for the same purpose.

Twelve grapes are eaten during the twelve strokes, one for each month of the year. As soon as the twelve strokes strike, take a step forward with your right foot.

Make three wishes written on a piece of paper. After twelve strokes, burn the paper in an ashtray.

In Peru and Colombia, there's the tradition of walking around the block with a suitcase in hand, to attract trips during the new year.

You can also create your own family traditions from your invention. There's nothing better than creating funny memories that children will remember fondly when they are adults.

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