Getting married this winter? That's great!! Are you planning to hire a photobooth for your wedding? That's even better! And you know, the sky's the limit when it comes to making most of the photo booth. Gone are the days when there were certain tried and tested ways of utilising those booths and couples used to do just that and considered that to be a grand success!

These days people like to think out of the box and look at things from newer perspectives and angles. The same applies to these photo booths. When you hire a wedding photo booth in Melbourne you must try something new to add a new spectacle that is hitherto unknown and untested. That will underline your style statement truly and justifiably. Here on the page, we discuss a few ecstatic and unique ways of using a wedding photo booth that adds a quotient of difference in your wedding. 


The concept of adding custom origami pieces for the photo booth is a unique style. It comes with a very high aesthetic value that is unique, to say the least. It works astoundingly at weddings, boosting the geometric patterns, cleaners lines, and an overall placid vibe that justifies the occasion like nothing else.

Take, for instance, the animal masks that come with those clean-lined geometric patterns. They will create an altogether new vibe, which is unique in terms of style and appeal. But the masks are not all – there are suitable props to vouch for with comprehensive origami appeal that will make your wedding photoshoots unique and unchallenged.

The Sideways While Setting Photobooth Themes

This can very well be a twist in the way you want to use your wedding photo booth. Just flip things on their head, thereby creating a scenario, which gets your guests dancing on ceilings and hanging from the fans...thematically, if not literally. If you want to add fun, fun, and fun at your wedding, a sideways photo booth is a fantastic way of creating a new style statement (and your invitees are going to talk about it for days to come, for sure). 

Opt for a sideways 'room' or space and install the photo booth there. Fill it up with a ceiling fan attached to one of the walls, and get furniture attached to the wall just opposite. Now use various props and properly configure the position of your guests to drive home the scene – with the proper design eye and a professional photographer, who can make it look as if your guests are actually hanging from the ceiling fan or crawling up the wall like your friendly neighborhood spiderman.

Opting for Single Stems

You can go for the single stem theme as well, that will add an earthy look and feel to your wedding. Just hang single dried herbs or flowers in straight lines against a milky white backdrop. The catch here lies in the technique of separating out the flower and herb from each other, instead of clustering them all together. It is the spacing of the flowers from each other that creates a clean take on that much desired aesthetic, with a 'boho’ look and feel.

So you see, these are three enchanting ways to hire a photo booth in Melbourne and make the most of it, thereby making your wedding celebration to an altogether new height in terms of elegance and finesse.

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The author runs a company that hires out wedding photo booths in Melbourne. He is also an avid blogger.