We all need water to live. We seem to discuss about it often, yet do we really know about it? Well, here are some of the myth and facts about water:

Fact: Drinking Water detoxifies your body
If you drink ample amount of water every day, your body toxins will be flushed. Kidneys use water to remove waste products. Drinking enough water will enable your kidneys to have the right amount of fluid they need to work effectively. Regularly removing toxins in your body will boost your health and will get you away from premature ageing.

Myth: Sports drinks work better than water for exercise
Sport stars quenching their thirst with a fancy sports drink after doing their athletic stunts seems to be attractive for us. The advertising campaigns of these drinks are just so cool that it made us think we don’t water anymore when we do exercise. This is a myth. If we intake adequate fluid, especially water, is most important to hydrate us. Water is really better than sports drinks. It’s cheaper plus it’s readily accessible.

Myth: It’s good to reuse water bottles
Well, this is not true. Reusing plastic water bottles can likely cause some health hazards to people. The bottle, if not properly cleaned, can trigger the accumulation of bacteria, which will eventually flow into your mouth. If you want to reuse plastic water bottles, you need to wash it regularly with mild soap and rinse it well.

Fact: You’ll crave for more sweets if you drink cold water often
A study revealed that if you drink iced water before eating chocolates, you will not find it as sweet as people who skip a cold drink. The researchers suggested that this may be a good explanation why those people who are used to drinking very cold water have that strong sweet tooth. If you want to stay healthy and younger looking, remove that habit of drinking cold water often.

Fact: Hard water makes laundry terrible
If your water contains high amount of minerals especially iron, your soap and detergent won’t work well. The chemical reaction between the hard water and your detergent will cause its bleaching action milder and stain removal ability limited. The solution for this problem is for you to purchase a water purification product from Eagle Industries Corp.

Myth: Bottled Water is better than Tap Water
Well, this case is not always true. Consuming bottled water everyday can be costly plus . Though some health concerns exist in both bottled and tap water, there is a great solution available. Installing a good water treatment system is the best solution for water problems. Buying a high-tech and affordable water treatment system from Eagle Industries Corp is a great way to remove contaminants and chemicals that can cause health and safety concerns. If you drink water from your faucet with a water treatment system installed, you can save money and get rid of the plastic bottles that are harmful to the environment.

You don’t have to worry about choosing the right kind of water treatment system for you because Eagle Industries Corp have all the water treatment supplies just for you and your family.

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