(Q1) No matter how much I refocus and use the processes, I have such a long term engrained "lack of money" vibe, that nothing changes. I have teens that are always asking for things and places to go, when they know the $ aren't there, I say no, and they are like "why", which forces me to say, "because we don't have the $ right now"... and then they retort, "It's always a money thing with you"... which I reply "then don't ask". etc etc.

(A) Thank you for your question you are not alone with this one. The way your kids are reacting to you is just one way the law of attraction is showing you what your point of attraction is at the moment around money.

You need to start to tell a different story and focus on having the things that money can bring you rather than the lack of it. This is an imaginary process to start with but as you practice it more you will see the results. The best way to do this is to appreciate all the things that you do have and I'm sure there are many things to appreciate in your life.

How you feel moment to moment shows you what your point of attraction is in the moment, so finding better feeling thoughts will help to change the ingrained vibe of lack because you have been practising this thought for a while it will take a bit of work to practice a better feeling thought. So start with a list of everything you appreciate look at other aspects of your life that are going well and focus on them as much as possible.

(Q2) How can you speed up the process?

(A)This particular question tells me that you are in a hurry to manifest what you want. When you want or need something to come quickly you really have the opposite vibration of what you need for it to become a reality.

By stating that you want something quickly means that you are very aware that you don't have what you want and so are focusing on that.

It would be better and easier not to focus on wanting to speed up the process but allowing it to come in the right timing which the universe always knows. Feel as good as you can around what you want and allow the universe to work at its own pace. Don't feel stressed if it is not coming quickly enough, that will just stop what you want to manifest coming to you.

(Q3) The Law of Attraction simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think about. Your dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest. But these dominant thoughts don't mean anything without action. They have to be intensive enough to make us to get into action to make our dreams come true.

So my question would be: -how could we take advantage of the law of attraction, without action?-

(A) This is a great question and it is true we are physical beings because we want to experience our dreams and desires in physical reality. Manifestiations can also be emotions and thoughts so if you get clear about what you want and you feel good and appreciate the good things in your life, then you will receive inspiration to act. You will be inspired to act and it will feel wonderful with the action because this life is not just about the end result it is about the journey and enjoying it all the way.

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