When the fridge malfunctions you will need to call the technicians to repair it. But if your fridge malfunctions now and then, you might be making some mistakes. So, here we will discuss these mistakes that you can avoid to lessen the number of fridge repairs thus saving money and time. If you are staying in the suburbs of Sydney and hiring local technicians, you need to inform them about these mistakes so they can detect the problem quickly and repair it efficiently. 

Now let us discuss the mistakes that you must avoid at all costs to lessen the number of repairs.


  • Ignoring frequent cleaning of the inner components


One of the most common mistakes that people make with their fridge is to ignore cleaning the internal components frequently. This results in several problems and hence increases the need for fridge repairs in Ashfield

Not cleaning the internal components results in blocked defrost pipes and water leakages from coils repairing of which requires technical expertise. Additionally, these problems might cause hazards from water accumulation under the fridge which can reduce the lifespan of the appliance substantially. 


  • Ignoring frequent cleaning of the outer surface


Along with cleaning the inner components, you need to clean the outer surface as well and you need to do it regularly. The accumulation of food particles, spills, grease, etc. can stay lodged in the surface and can cause a variety of problems which will require a repair. So, do not ignore the outer surface and try to clean it with a cloth or a detergent-based spray regularly.


  • Cleaning the coils


You can cut down on the fridge repairs in Darlinghurst by cleaning the coils at least once in a year. With time, debris begins to accumulate on the coils and if they are not cleaned, the heat in the coils does not dissipate properly causing the compressor to work harder. This naturally increases the wearing and tearing and leads to the reduction of the overall lifespan of the fridge.


  • Always keeping the fridge full


Overstuffing the fridge will lessen its efficacy to keep the items cool and it just adds to the pressure. The structure of the fridge will slowly become weak and the appliance will begin to malfunction. Also, if you do not change the water filter too often or set the wrong temperature, it will directly affect the performance and its lifespan will be reduced.


  • Keeping the door open


If you do not shut the door of the fridge properly, the chances of your appliance malfunctioning will increase. Condensation inside the fridge will be high and will result in higher than normal temperatures. This naturally decreases the lifespan of your fridge. So, this mistake must be avoided at all costs.


  • Storing hot food


Another mistake that you must avoid is to store hot food. This increases the temperature on the inside of the fridge resulting in the malfunctioning of the motors. So, keep the food for a while until it reaches room temperature after which you can store it inside the refrigerator.

So, if you follow these steps then you will not need too much fridge repairs in Ashfield. But if you are busy or do not have the time for maintenance or make these mistakes, you need to call the technicians now and often.

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The author is the owner of a company that provides fridge repairs in Darlinghurst and Ashfield through experienced technicians possessing many years of work experience.