Neck is an important body part which joins head to lower body system. There is a nerve which comes out through the spinal cord which runs from neck to hands and fingers. So, pain in fingers or in other part of hands means that there is something wrong in the neck.

Neck is composed of a curve which in biological term known as cervical lordosis. This curve acts as a spring which absorbs shock of head resting on the neck. And due to stretch of ligaments, curve becomes hard to be maintained. This problem may occur due to several reasons like automobile accident, vertebral misalignments due to improper chiropractor treatment or chronic poor posture.

Automobile accident
Automobile accident causes physical as well as emotional trauma. Some common symptoms of neck injury caused by any accident are headache, pain in shoulder, neck, arms or hands, weakness etc. Any injury in neck may also lead to slow down motion in neck and reflex actions in hands. In such cases, one needs to go for medical treatment soon to avoid any serious problem.

Improper chiropractor treatment
Chiropractic cure for neck pain needs proper attention and diagnosis. Most of chiropractic centers includes several form of neck treatments like spinal adjustments, spinal manipulation etc. Ultrasound is an advanced cure which is a drug-free therapy. Chiropractic methods are less painful and easy to done if an expert chiropractor is treating the patient. But, it becomes painful and ineffective with improper chiropractor treatment.

Poor posture
Poor posture is one of the most common causes of neck pain. Poor posture becomes problematic for not only neck but upper back and shoulders as well. Sitting, reading or driving in poor posture leads to several neck problems. So, one needs to follow proper sitting position to avoid any problems in future.

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