Wedlock is a HUGE change for anyone planning to enter into the sacred union; (almost in all majority cases) you will be spending the rest of your life with one person. This same person will be the individual you will have kids with, go home shopping, plan your finances with, and most importantly; grow old with. So you definitely know that your spouse-to-be will be your lifelong companion and that the two of you will need to work out through both the rough & the tough times that life pitches at you.

But before you enter into this lifelong union, you will be engaged in making preparations for the big day when both you & your fiancé will vow to live for & love each other for the remainder days of life. And in this instance, knowing how to write wedding vows will prove to be extremely helpful. Quite understandably, your heart will be bubbling emotions & sprouting with love filled feelings that you will want to share with your special one. The part where you will be nervous is where you have to translate those intangible emotions into romantic wedding vows. Worry not my dear reader; I have presented you with ideas for wedding vows to make the task simple for you.
How to Write Marriage Vows?

While many people will persuade you to share your thoughts with your special one on what he or she plans to write for his or her wedding vows, I for one am not in support of that. My personal belief is to keep your wedding vows locked up either in your heart or inked on paper till you have to present it to your beloved. Therefore, grab hold of a pen and start writing down all the good things that come to your mind when you think of your special one; both words and also complete phrases if any hit your thought waves.
Think of all the good times & special moments that you guys got to share in the time you have known each other; write them down as well.
Once you have all your thoughts jotted down on paper, start to give them shape. Combine the phrases you have jotted down along with the words and try to form complete sentences out of them. Imagine how elated your loved one’s presence makes you feel; how you feel secure & full of strength in his or her presence in your life. Think about how he or she completes your being by being at your side through thick & thin.
Perhaps your beloved might want to hear your wedding vows directly from you instead of reading them. Therefore, it would not be a bad idea to actually practice your speech delivery in front of a mirror to ensure you nail the right emotions and that you are spot on with the tonality because none of these emotions or words are or can be fake; they are coming straight from your heart so make sure your voice resonates the same importance.

Ideas for Wedding Vows

Take a look at the following words & phrases to get a vivid imagery of the kind of sentiments you want to express when becoming familiarized with how to write wedding vows.

tender love

you came in to my life like sweet dripping honey

your companionship has turned me into a person better than what I was previously

bringing out the best in me

helping me get in touch with my own being

good things started to happen as soon as you entered my life

your presence shines like sun rays in my life & keeps me hopeful for the future

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