As the name indicates, research essays are all about researching a particular topic, it is designed to check out the exploring and analyzing abilities of the student, this is why sometimes students are not able to cover every crucial aspect of a subject matter. Most of the time, students just focuses on the research aspect and forget the other important things like providing their own points of views in the end.

Apart from all the above told mistakes, they also face much difficulty in the selection of a research essay topics. Some topics are not easy to deal with and there is not much information available about them, on the other hand, there is a plenty of material available on some of the research essay topic but the problem is that they are quite common. So, after analyzing this problem we decided to provide students some very interesting and unique research paper essay topics:

Research Essay writing Topics

1. Background and emerging circumstances of the KABUKI, a Japanese theatre
2. The hidden facts about the life of Leonardo De Vinci
3. Comparison between Chinese and United States of America economy
4. How United States of America deals with the illegal immigrants spent more than one year.
5. 21st century was the era of terrorism globally
6. The most corruptive country in the 21st century is ______________
7. How much Jazz has been infused with the classical music today?
8. Latest wireless technology has turn the tables
9. Shedding light on the contemporary Sufi music
10. Misuse of cell phone has destroyed our youth
11. Socially how computers has implicated our daily lives
12. Highlighting the factors that boosted the automobile industry of Korea
13. High and lows of London
14. Latest President elections in United States of America
15. President Nixon Watergate scandal

Hence, there are so many other topics on which you can easily write research essay but the above told are some topics that are chosen after extensive research work. There were two things that were kept in mind before the selection process

1- The topic should be something that is unique and interesting
2- You can easily conduct a research work on the topic.

After much consideration, we decided to provide you fifteen topics for writing research essays that were not only unique but approachable as well. Furthermore, your selection criteria should be based solely on your interest otherwise you won’t find writing it interesting to write.

Hence, you can select any one of the topic and write your research essay on it. It is advisable that you consult your teacher in the first place for any kind of queries. Ask him or her that the whether the selected topic can be used as a research essay topic or not because the final grading depends on your teacher and nobody else but if in case if you are provided with the research essay question, then it will be much easier for you as you can convert the research essay question into a research essay topic.

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