Web based classroom are the types of classroom programs which involves the teaching process with the help of the internet through online video conferencing. In these types of programs, students and faculties are not present face to face but a virtual situation is made where interaction is made with the help online conferencing in maintaining an environment of the classroom.

Some technologies and the way of working on a web based classroom

The teaching involves presentation of slides, different Microsoft word documents, digital projects and many more. The only requirement for web based classroom is a broadband internet connection, microphone, speaker and a computer system.

There are many institutes which provide the web based classroom programs. You just need to register in the institute and then you will be provided with a username and password. You just need to go to the official website of the institute so as to log in to the site to start conferencing.

Some advantages of web based classroom programs
There are many advantages of using web based classroom technology and some of them are discussed below:

• Saves time
A great time is saved by both the student and the school administrator, as it involves a few hours of compact courses.

• Saves money
This cloud based classroom programs are of very short duration and are very less costly. So it prevents loss of extra money.

• Accessing class catalogs 24*7 hours
Every student, who is opting for the web based classroom programs, can access any document or any other related class catalogs at any time through any place over the internet, all time, 24*7 hours.

• Multi language translations
This type of education facility offers multi language study options. Not only this, you can translate a language to your own choice of language. Hence a greater flexibility is offered.

Some disadvantages of cloud computing classroom programs
Apart from the advantages, there are some disadvantages of web based classroom and some of them are discussed below:

• Self motivation required
This type of distance education requires a great self motivation in completing the course. There are chances where students can show less discipline as no teacher is found face to face.

• No guarantee about the reliability of the technology used
As the education is carried out with the help of electronic gadgets, hence there are chances of breakdown of the gadgets to create problems.

• Reduces the oral communication skills
This type of cloud computing reduces the oral communicating skills between student and teacher. The feedback to the students is not provided immediately as is seen in the case of real classroom programs.

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