The tablet press is usually the center of operation in a tablet manufacturing machine. A tablet press is what compresses the medicine’s ingredients (usually in the form of granules or powder) into solid tablets of different shapes and sizes depending on its settings. Many pharmaceutical companies prefer tablets because they are affordable to produce as they involve fewer steps than capsule manufacturing. But setting up a tablet factory can be costly in its own right due to the machinery involved, that’s why manufacturers buy a used tablet press to reduce the costs. But you need to consider the equipment’s quality even when you are saving money.


How To Find A Reliable Used Tablet Press

Think About Production Quantity

The type of tablet press you buy will depend on how many tablets you want to create every cycle. If you want to produce a large volume, then you should search for a rotary/multi-station tablet press but if you don’t need a very large volume, then you can go with a single station tablet press. Both tablet presses have similar parts and work with similar processes, but a multi-station tablet press has more parts due to which it produces a larger volume.


Research Models

Before you search for a used tablet press, you need to be aware of the various models available within your budget with the features you require, You can opt for older models as long as they meet the modern industry standards. You should compare their features and specs before deciding which model to purchase.


Know Your Budget

Whether you buy a used granulator or a brand new tablet press, your budget is usually the deciding factor in the quality and quantity of the machines. It goes without saying that used machinery is more affordable than out-of-factory machinery. It’s also obvious that a single station tablet press costs less than a rotary tablet press. You need to set some budget aside for other equipment, labor, utility, etc. before deciding how much you can spend on a tablet press.


Find A Reliable Supplier

To find a high-quality machine, you need to find a good supplier. This is especially true when you are searching for used equipment. You should search for reliable suppliers through various channels like the internet, word of mouth, brochures, etc. You should interview the suppliers, check their licenses/insurances/certificates and check their inventory for tablet press models. Make sure to read the contract before signing it.


Inspect Tablet Press

This point applies to any equipment you buy, whether it be used granulator or tablet press. It also applies to the latest out-of-factory models. You need to check the tablet press for defects, missing parts, etc. before you set them up in your factory. If you find any defects, have the equipment changed or repaired.


Check Hopper Design

The hopper is a crucial part of the tableting machine. It’s where the production process begins after manufacturers pour the powders or granules for compression. The hopper’s design should allow the ingredients to flow into the compression chamber with ease. It should be made with stainless steel so that bits of metal don’t mix with the tablets. You can search for a hopper with vibratory rods to maintain the flow of ingredients.


Check Feeder System

The tablet machine’s feeder system consists of two parts; the feeder housing and the feeding peddler. They ensure that the feeding process happens with consistency and accuracy. The feeder system should be made with high-grade stainless steel to prevent the tablets from sticking to its surface.


Evaluate Tablet Turret

A turret is the tablet press’s lifeline because it contains the holes in which tablets are compressed. The turret must align perfectly with the die system so that the press forms the tablets properly.


Evaluate Cam Tracks

The cam tracks keep the upper and lower punches intact and aligned throughout the process. They ensure that the compression and ejection process go smoothly and prevent finished tablets from remaining in the tableting slots.

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