There are various kinds and styles of massage therapies that are practised. There are certain minute as well as significant technical differences between these different types of massages. Therefore, when it comes to taking these massages, there is an ardent need for taking stock of certain critical things. Now, that depends upon the type of massages that are undertaken. Here is a quick recap of things that people need to take into account before taking sports massage therapy.

Carefully Scheduling the Appointment Well in Advance

When it comes to scheduling the appointment, people need to book it well in advance. Those who have been taking the massage for a quite long time can have the advantage of the so-called ‘pre-race rubbing' during the two to five or seven-day window period before the event.

However, those who are taking the massage for the first time need to take it at least five days prior to the event. Scheduling the appointment just a couple of day prior to the event will cause soreness of the muscles and joints and should at best be avoided.

Not Skipping Post Event Massages

After the sporting event, taking sports massage therapy in Perth is a must. As these massages are focused on recovery, they go a long way in helping the muscles to recover from the stress and strain of the sporting event. It also helps the nervous system to calm down and quickly get into the state of natural repairs rather quickly. 

Booking the Therapist Well in Advance

Now when it comes to booking the therapist, it is imperative to make the booking well in advance. Then again, it is essential to gather all the information regarding the therapist. The extent of experience the professional has got, the extent of success.

It is also important to get in touch with the referrals and find the competency and success of the therapist. 

It is important to make sure that the therapist is authorised and is a specialist in this particular genre of remedial massage therapy in Perth. This makes sure that the outcome of the therapy session is as per the expectations.

Being Well Hydrated on the Day of Appointment

A dehydrated recipient of massage is the last thing that a therapist would like to come across. This is because dehydration stiffens the muscles and the fascia and this results in the massage getting more painful.

That is the reason it is always better to be well hydrated on the day of the massage. This helps the tissues and the muscles to remain flexible enough. These massages help the muscles to recover from lactic acid, though it does not help them to get rid of it entirely. That is why consuming enough water will help immensely to reduce the lactic acid level by a considerable extent.

Keeping The Pre-Session as Light as it Can Be


Saving the heavier meals for the post-therapy period is ideal. When it comes to taking meals before the massage, they ought to be as light as they can be. This will help the recipient to feel comfortable during the massage.

Massage slows down the body systems, more so the digestive system. That means consumption of too much food before the massage leaves the recipients in crappy situations on the massage table.

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The author is an experienced therapist, who conducts remedial massage therapy, including sports massage therapy in Perth. The author also writes blogs on various issues.