Sugar substitutes are basically the food additive which duplicates the sweetness of sugar, when it comes to taste.

Identifying the normal sugar as injurious to diabetic patients, best options were chalked out. Artificial sugar is used now a day’s not only for diabetic patients but also they are calorie free and aid in staying fit.Sugar substitutes are on high use than the normal sugar on the table. Doctors today highly recommend simulated sugar but one question really sends turmoil that is this sugar safe to consume? Does it really help in sugar balance, leaving no trace of body problems in later ages?

Diabetic patients go fray to use sugar free sweetener to enjoy a balanced sugar diet. But mostly these products use sorbitol, mannitol and many others which indeed increase blood sugar count.

The benefit of such products is they can be used for dietary products as they are less on calories. There are many class of sugar sweeteners, the indispensible class is high intensity sweeteners.

Most these compounds are much more time sweeter than the normal table sugar. The sugar sweeteners are much high in sweetness so the amount of sweetness content added is less, giving the same flavour and sweetness. Additionally less calories are being in taken because the amount added is much small than the normal sugar.

For dietary supplement the extracts from the stevia plant can be used.teh sugar substitutes can be used for innumerable reasons. Few prefer to choose or restrict their food energy by replacing the high energy sugar or corn syrup, in comparison to other sweeteners having less food energy and less calories.

Also the artificial sweetener can be used for dental care and concern. They are not tumulted by the microflora. Xylitol is artificial sweetener which works best for dental care, restricting the bacterial accumulation on the tooth surface.

People with hypoglycaemia can always choose this option of sugar substitutes. Normal sugar produces insulin after immediate consumption glucose which causes the glucose level in the blood stream to fall below the required level.

The sugar sweeteners are much reasonable than the normal sugar. The sweetener has longer shelf life and indeed the user can store them for long. The usage each time is less than the normal sugar for its intensity of sweetness if higher than the normal table sugar.

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