If you’re thinking of getting your digital presence out in the market with an online audience, then a webinar is what you need to deliver. The word webinar is a blend of two words viz. web and seminar. Other words that easily describe a webinar are online seminars, virtual events, etc.
Webinar participants can use devices like PC’s, Laptops, Smartphones, or Tablets to see and hear audio and video feeds. Users who host webinars can broadcast presentations that run-in sync with the actual presentation. An online meeting or online video conferencing software is the perfect solution to conduct global webinars. As a webinar is interactive, it offers a host of opportunities for users to ask questions, launch chats, conduct surveys or polls, etc.
But presenters experience various challenges whilst conducting a webinar.
 Lack understanding of webinar objectives
 Inability to identify webinar suitability and target audience
 Time to host the webinar
 Duration of the webinar
 Size of the audience
 Choosing the best video conferencing software
 Setup the video conference application
 Promoting your webinar

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Running your first webinar can be extremely easy provided presenters realize the importance of taking decisive steps to achieve optimal success. To begin your first webinar, it is important, presenters look at top video conferencing software that provides great bandwidth, enhanced data security, and a suite of features to make the webinar productive, engaging, & efficient for the presenter and the attendees.

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