If you're interested in Astrology, you may already know some basic facts about your sign. If you are a Gemini, you may know that you have a sense of humor. And if you're an Aries, you may be aware that you have a short fuse. But there are some fascinating facts about your zodiac sign that you have no idea about.

That is the fun part of Astrology. The stars can give you many useful tips on things like love, marriage, and career, but sometimes, for sheer fun, you could try to learn more about your sign just to find out something new about yourself, like a hidden quirk

Sometimes it’s downright spooky. You discover things about your personality that no one even suspects. Though some people deride astrology as hogwash and unscientific, there is a lot of truth in Astrology. Which explains why it’s still around in this millennium, though many other things have fallen by the wayside and vanished altogether.

If you want to learn more interesting things about your Zodiac sign or that of your friends, read on.


This is a sign known for its courage and confidence. Little wonder that many born leaders are Aries natives. Interestingly, many of them will have a scar on their foreheads. The reason is that as a child,
Aries has a tendency to rush into things, headlong, leading to head injuries." Maybe Harry Potter was Aries?


Taurus is known to be a practical and responsible sign. They are the ones who will pay the bills on time and do their laundry. It so happens that they are also good with money. Taurus, in fact, rules money, and according to many surveys, many Taurus natives may have the ability to make millions. Don’t we all?


Gemini natives are quick learners and are excellent communicators. They are also highly likely to win prizes for their intelligence. Gemini rules thought, and it is a proven fact that many Nobel Prize winners are Gemini natives. A feather in your cap, Gemini!


Cancer natives are known to be sensitive and emotional. Did you know it’s easy to spot a Cancer because of a tell-tale physical trait? As they are ruled by the Moon, their faces are often round, like a full moon. If you have a moon-faced friend, he/she is probably a Cancer.


Leos are very creative and full of passion. They can actually use it to their advantage in their career.
Leo are good at putting on a show and make excellent salespeople. So if you want to strike it rich, get into show business or sales


Hardworking, practical, and perfectionists – that sums up Virgo. In school,
Virgo was most certainly a high achiever, maybe the class topper. Something to be proud of, most certainly.


Libra, as everyone knows, is very diplomatic, fair, and sociable. If you are a Libra, you will be thrilled to know that Libra also signifies beauty? After all, the sign is ruled by Venus. It is a fact that most Libra natives have a dimple on the cheek. If you see someone flashing a dimpled smile at you, you can bet it may be a Libra.


Scorpio is the most passionate sign. It informs all aspects of their life, be it work or relationships. But there is something that helps one to identify a
Scorpio - a widow's peak. It is the triangular point of hair that comes together at the center of the forehead in a downward V-shape. Fascinating, isn’t it?


Sagittarius is one of the most generous and idealistic signs. Most of them also have oval-shaped faces.
Sagittarius rules horses, which have long faces. Maybe that’s why.


The disciplined and responsible
Capricorn is one sign that may not look its age even in the 40s or 50s. It’s because Capricorn rules aging. Lucky you!


Aquarians fiercely guard their independence and freedom. But a weird fact about them is that they are always freezing. Their hands and feet are perpetually cold. The reason is because Aquarius
rules bodily circulation. That makes them great to chill out with!


Highly creative,
Pisces often work in the field of the arts. They often find the number 7 to be lucky for them. Maybe the number keeps popping up in your life in some way or the other. If you tend to look at your watch always at 7.07, it suggests a good timing for adventurous and scholarly pursuits.

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