Hijab is introduced with numerous names most ordinarily known as shroud or headscarf that Muslim ladies wear to cover. Muslim ladies wear to covering called Hijab which is an Arabic word intends to "cover" or to disguise or avoid see.

There is much more to the Islamic dress code for females than the hijab. Muslim womenfolk dress code deals with,


For some hijab means mixture a headscarf with the clothes of Western-style, for others it means wearing moveable best clothes as well. All things well thought-out, others consist of a niqab or face cover, to their choir.

For these ladies, wearing hijab is an individual decision that is made after adolescence and is proposed to mirror one's close to a home commitment to Allah. Much of the time, the wearing of a headscarf is regularly lead by the wearing of baggy, non-uncovering apparel, additionally alluded to as hijab.

Types of Hijab for Women

There are distinctive sorts of Hijab that Muslim ladies used to wear are referenced here,

•The first kind of hijab that is most normally worn by ladies in the West is a square scarf that covers the head and neck yet leaves the face clear. This type of hijab is most ordinarily alluded to as hijab.

•The second sort of hijab is a long, rectangular scarf that is wrapped freely around the head and wrapped or stuck at the shoulders.

•Khimar is the third sort of hijab which is a long, cape-like scarf that is folded over the head and hangs to the center of the back. This kind of hijab covers the head, neck, and shoulders, however, leaves the face clear.

•The fourth sort of hijab is the Chador. The chador is a long shroud that covers a lady's whole body simply like the khimar, the chador folds over the head, however as opposed to balancing just to the center of the back, the chador curtains to a lady's feet.

•The Niqab is the fifth kind of hijab. The niqab is a face-covering that covers the mouth and nose yet leaves the eyes clear. It is worn with khimar or another type of headscarf.

•The last kind of hijab is the Burqa that covers the whole face and body, leaving a little work screen through which the lady can see through.

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