(Q1) If I really believe something but others don't how does LOA work. e.g. if I had money invested in a horse or the stock market and I really believed that I would make money from this venture but the other people who owned the horse or had the same shares as me didn't believe this how would LOA work?

(A) The way you have asked the question does seem like it is impossible for the law of attraction to work in this situation. But the beauty of the law of attraction is if you really believed and knew 100% that your horse would win. Then Source and the law of attraction work so beautifully that you would only attract the horse that would win and partners who also believed the same thing. If you are in a joint venture with someone that did not agree with what you believed then you would find a way for that to change and attract what aligns perfectly with you.

(Q2)If you want a car. How do you feel when you think about it? If you feel annoyed when you see that car being driven by a p-plater and you are 45 years old does it upset you? When you hear the news of someone having won a car in the paper do you feel happy for them? Where ever you are on the scale most consistently will tell you how close you are to manifesting it. If you feel happy about the car, you are in love with the knowing you can have one, you feel you are fine without it anyway and you have peace now? hey then you can track you are close, because the less negative emotion you have and the more open, loving handed you are when you think of it, that tells you are close. So it's trackable, traceable, and you can timeline it if you wish. I know today when I no longer need "it" to feel happy I am really close, that I am happy just because, because I CAN BE. That is TRUST IN GOD/UNIVERSE and that alone is its own reward, it's much better than getting "IT" it's the ultimate FREEDOM. Esther talks about you have to be happy FIRST, but i see today it's not just happy, it's the feeling of FREEDOM of whether you EVER get it or not... and THEN this seems to be the last rung before it POPS, manifestation appears.
(A) Thank you so much for that explanation I really enjoyed it. I think the only other thing that I could say about all of that, is that everything that we want to manifest we want because we think it will make us feel good. So I guess if we feel good no matter what, it becomes less important whether the manifestation occurs or not. But the reality is because of law of attraction once you feel good, what you want will come to you. Great isn't it?

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