Supported opinion essays demands a controversial issue that is dealt by the writer, the student is required to provide strong arguments, evidence and proofs in order to support his stance in the opinion essay. Therefore, the sole purpose of an opinion essay is to make a reader believe on the writer’s opinions.

Another important feature of a supported opinion essay is to also provide the opposing views to make a reader understand both side of the argument. Teachers usually assign supported opinion essay to the students with a view to build their analytical, problem solving and writing skills of the students. Most of the time students just focus on the ideas and argument while neglecting little yet important aspects of the essay.

How should you select a opinion essays topics?

There are many topics that can be used for writing opinion essays but make sure you have all the knowledge it requires otherwise you will end up with bad grades of course in your exams. Once you are done with the topic selection you must search for the pertinent material from every source possible such as journals, articles, internet, books etc. There are many other ways to get information as well, like taking interviews or conduct surveys that will help you to get opinion of the relevant people. You can opt from the following supported opinion essay topics.

1- How the information technology has changed the face of communication?

2- Animals living in the zoos generally treated badly; what is your opinion about it?

3- Education for masses is the only solution for third world countries to grow. Comment

How should make the first draft?

Initial draft should be made in accordance with the opinion essay outline, if you haven’t made one then done this thing in the first place. The first part of your first rough draft should be consisting of the introduction where you will be introducing the topic along with the thesis statement. It will be ideal if you will answer five Ws and one H in the introductory paragraph of the opinion essays. Give an attention grabbing start to your introduction such as beginning essay with a startling information, short story or quote etc to write opinion essay.

How to compose arguments?

You have to compose at least three arguments that are powerful enough to convince the readers; also you must give all the supporting details that will back up the arguments. It will be ideal if you will provide the strongest argument in the end of the opinion essay.

How to write the conclusion?

You must conclude your essay by providing the thesis statement so as to make a claim that you were right in your thinking. Also, provide all the major points in the form of a short summary and in the end you can provide your personal viewpoint about the final result and the topic of the supported opinion essay.

Hence, you must make sure that your essay fulfill the demands of opinion essay writing and that can only be done when you will follow the above told tips.

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