Just like we have a brightening facial serum or a skincare serum to boost our skin, you must also use hair treatment serum for a regular hair care routine. Unlike the traditional cleansing products and conditioners, hair serum can go deeper into your hair and treat them from within. They help resolve your concerns about out-of-control frizzy hair and add a beautiful shine to it. Hair serums can also work as a quick fix to treat hair at the surface. However, one must be familiar with the use and application process of serum for the best outcome. Even if you may have the best product, the application can either just make or break the experience. So, to help our readers with this, we have today shared a few do’s and don’ts about using the hair treatment serum.
Dos & Don’ts of using the best hair serum for dry hair
Do know your hair type- You may come across a wide variety of hair serum when you visit a store. But always purchase hair serum based on your hair type. For you to manage your hair as part of the daily hair care routine, it is important to take into consideration the hair type. For those with oily hair should opt for a lighter formula which should be more of a smoothing Serum over a moisturizing solution. While for those with dry and frizzy hair should opt for a cream-based serum that can be applied and left overnight for your hair type. You can even use it for a quick touch up if hair the hair seems dull through the day. Ensure you apply the serum on damp hair to deal with the excess volume of hair. Overall, using the hair treatment serum will helps lock in moisture and maintain your hair soft and smooth.
Do apply the serum to hair tips-
When applying hair serum it is important to distribute them to the part of the hair that needs it the most. This means the tip ends of the hair. It is recommended to start working from the ends of the hair working upward to the head. Do not just directly rub your fingers through your scalp or you might end up having more oily and greasy hair.
Do use it for unruly frizzy hair-
Let your serum work for what it's best meant for. Simply rub the hair serum for dry hair using 2 fingers and gently apply it to the strands using a pressing motion. This will prevent less breakage and ensure your hair is moisturized and healthy.
Do not over apply
No matter how thick or long your hair is never over-apply the hair serum. Too much of anything is not good, especially when it comes to using hair serum. Apply less and limit the use to not more than thrice a week. You can use just a drop of serum if you have fine hair and maybe just a quarter-sized amount if your hair is on the thicker side. This will be enough for treating your hair.
Do not apply on unwashed hair-
Hair treatment serum should always be used on clean hair. For the best result use it on freshly washed hair. So this way, it can act as a shield against dirt and dust in the environment. It is also important to note that the serum is applied to damp hair for a better blend.

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