Epididymitis is common among young adults. And repeated episodes of acute epididymitis often cause chronic epididymitis. For the treatment of chronic epididymitis, it is usually treated according to the etiology. For that non-specific chronic epididymitis, it is mainly symptomatic support treatment. While taking oral broad-spectrum antibiotics, men can use some local physiotherapy, hot compress, spermatic cord closure, hyperthermia, etc., which can promote the absorption of inflammation.

Because chronic epididymitis usually exists simultaneously as chronic prostatitis, the general treatment measures of chronic epididymitis are the same as those of chronic prostatitis. The treatment of prostatitis can alleviate the symptoms of chronic epididymitis. Natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has a good curative effect on these two diseases. And it works effectively and directly into the reproductive system and urinary system to completely clear up infections.

At the same time, men should carry out auxiliary treatment through some food therapy and life care methods in life.

Here are some vital dietary points and life care methods of chronic epididymitis:

What should chronic epididymitis patients eat?

Moderate consumption of spicy food can regulate taste and enhance appetite. But some patients with epididymitis should not eat more. In particular, patients with epididymitis should pay attention to smoking and drinking as little as possible. So as not to aggravate the disease by adverse stimulation.

Men should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Many fruits are rich in vitamin C, such as Kiwi fruit, orange, lemon, grapefruit, etc. Meanwhile, vegetables containing vitamin C include balsam pear, tomato, shepherd's purse, etc. These foods are suitable for patients with epididymitis. Male epididymitis is caused by infection, and increasing the intake of vitamin C, and other components can improve the body's anti-inflammatory ability.

Different foods have differences in performance (bias). Although many foods all have edible and nutritional functions, if they do not understand the "irritating" and ignore the "Taboos" and eat improperly, they may cause lesions and produce adverse reactions and side effects during the disease treatment process. And then aggravate the condition and cause serious consequences.

How should patients do daily care?

Avoid unprotected sex life: Some men will be infected with sexually transmitted diseases, such as syphilis and gonorrhea, closely related to unprotected sex life. Unprotected sex life is easy to catch diseases and contaminate diseases and pests to his wife and even endanger the next generation's health. Therefore, men must pay more attention to the use of condoms in sexual life.

Avoid wearing jeans every day: The male reproductive system requires testes to be best at low temperatures. Often wearing jeans will make the local temperature too high, which is unfavorable to sperm formation. Therefore, men should not often wear jeans, especially in summer and in a humid environment.

Pay attention to sexual and reproductive organ health: Men, especially men with long foreskin, should remove foreskin dirt because foreskin dirt is easy to cause penile cancer and easy to drive his wife to suffer from cervical cancer.

Do regular self-examination: Medical research has proved that early detection and treatment of testicular and penile cancer have a high treatment effect. Once it develops to the late stage, the curative effect is not ideal. Therefore, men over the age of 35 might as well often check their external reproductive organs.

Diet regulation and daily nursing are essential for the rehabilitation of chronic epididymitis. After suffering from epididymitis, in addition to actively cooperating with the treatment of professional doctors, patients usually pay more attention to health care and a healthy diet, which is conducive to the early recovery of the disease.

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