The full definition of H&A is “hearts and arrows”; it shows one of the most popular diamonds cut techniques. In the 1970s, a sales man in japan found that some extremely well-cutting round diamond appears the unique complex optical effect-H&A under the Cutters mirror by chance. Then after days and nights research, large number of figures finally been summed up for this technique. This finding just meets the demand of Asian’s pursuit for perfect life and then being widely spread to the worldwide. But there are many misunderstandings on this technique. Then want to test yourself then? Just follow this essay.
The first error: H&A is a particular diamond cutting technique; in fact that the H&A is one kind of the round diamonds’ optical effect. When place the round diamond under the cutter’s mirror, you will find that when see from the top, the diamond presents eight arrows pattern from the center, from bottom you will see the eight heart pattern. Thus, we can learn that the H&A is not a unique cutting technique but a complex optical effect presented by the high-quality diamonds when its cutting technique reaches the standard.
The second error: all the diamonds with the optical effect of hearts and arrows is H&A diamond. In general, all the round faced diamonds with fine symmetry can appear the effect: hearts and arrows. But only the really one with perfect and symmetrical pattern can be called the H&A diamond. Because of this strict rule, even the one appears a little flaw cannot even have this name. Thus, no one can judge whether it is an H&A diamond except the profession agents like the international institutes IGI, GIA.
The third error: the 3EX diamonds equal to H&A diamond. This statement just aims at rare parts. According to the reports, 99% of the H&A diamonds are from the 3EX ones.
The forth error: all diamonds with great symmetry can appear the H&A effect. In fact, the H&A diamonds are the combination of fine cutting, great symmetry and many other factors.
The fifth is also the most realistic error: the high price of H&A is just because of the commercial speculation. If without the research shown in the first four errors, this say maybe is right at sometimes. But after solve these errors; you will realize that the high price is just relying on its high cost. No matter the materials cost or the cutter’s labor.
Just because of the high requirements on H&A diamonds, people can have these opportunities to appreciate these wonderful gemstones.
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