With the rapid pace of modern life, people are more and more likely to suffer from diseases. White-collar workers who work in the office all day long and do not exercise can also lead to various conditions, and epididymitis is one of the most common physiological diseases of men.

Epididymitis patients often feel the dull scrotal pain on the affected side, with swelling and falling feeling. The pain usually involves the lower abdomen and the ipsilateral groin. Sometimes it can be combined with secondary hydrocele. It can seriously affect work efficiency and quality of life. The thorough treatment of epididymitis is essential.

What treatment method does epididymitis patients have?

1. Drug therapy:

The epididymitis treatment will generally choose antibiotics because antibiotics have sound antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, typically by intravenous injection. Most people will significantly improve clinical symptoms after use. Usually, after intravenous administration for 1-2 weeks, oral antibiotics for 2-4 weeks to prevent chronic inflammation.

If acute epididymitis becomes chronic epididymitis, patients can also choose herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to achieve a good effect. It adheres to the characteristics of the holistic treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, and it can treat not only the diseased area but also inhibit the further spread of inflammation. It can not only eliminate the symptoms but also cure the condition from its root causes.

2. Physical therapy:

General infection after epididymitis, patients will appear local pain symptoms. You can choose to massage testicular tissue by hand for local pain symptoms before going to bed, or you can choose to massage clockwise or counterclockwise for 10 minutes.

Long-term adherence to a period will feel pain symptoms significantly improved, of course, can also selectively take the way of hot compress and effectively improve patients' local pain symptoms.

A warm-water sitz bath or hot compress can relax the patients' muscles, and the blood circulation will be increased if the blood vessels are dilated, which is conducive to the absorption and regression of inflammation. This situation is mainly for some patients who have just begun to suffer from the disease, which has an excellent curative effect.

3. Surgical treatment:

If the induration is severe, it may be necessary to use minimally invasive surgical treatment to effectively treat and deal with the part that has formed a lump. Sometimes, surgery is required to remove all or part of the epididymis. If potential physiological abnormalities cause epididymitis, surgery may also be considered.

There are many ways to treat epididymitis, but specific treatment should be based on individual conditions. Epididymitis and their own habits have a great relationship. Some people like to wear jeans every day, even in hot summer also wear winter jeans, which is particularly bad.

If you wear a mink coat and fashionable jeans, it will cause the local high temperature in the crotch pants and breed germs, which will make you more miserable and painful.

In addition to the above several treatment methods, epididymitis patients also need to maintain a good mood and not overwork. They can participate in sports activities, such as jogging, Taijiquan, and so on, to strengthen their physique and prevent bacterial infection.

They also should live a regular life, keep defecation unobstructed. Avoid eating hot and spicy food and drinking alcohol, to the source of endogenous damp heat, because of cold in the lower body, excessive sexual intercourse, tolerance of urine, etc. It is easy to cause sympathetic nerve excitation and induce dysuria.

The most important thing is to improve the diet structure and prevent the intake of high cholesterol foods. As long as you believe in yourself, keep the right attitude, control the diet hygiene habits; after a period of treatment, you can be cured.

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