Cement Rendering is not a cakewalk. In fact, while conducting cement rendering, the specialists of a noted company quite often come across issues that are too grave to be ignored. Hence, they are expected to solve them with all the precision and acumen of the world. In fact, that’s what differentiates a good company from an average one.

Here are some of the most common issues, which generally act as a hindrance during cement rendering.

Mouldy Brickwork

This is one the most frequent issues encountered by the cement rendering companies. In the majority of cases, it is caused by seepage of damp from the exterior surfaces. If this issue is not taken care of in a timely manner, it will result in the growth of mould, no matter how good is the quality of rendering.

The issue of Efflorescence

Eminent companies follow specific procedures when it comes to addressing the issue of efflorescence. For best results, any new stonework or brickwork is left for at least two to three months before it is treated.

Now this two-to-three-month period is extremely crucial, mainly because a powdery substance might percolate out of the brick surface. This happens when the bricks have salt, and that salt dissolves after it comes in contact with the moisture present in the air.

If there is too much efflorescence, this indicates there is too much salt in the brickwork, and companies offering cement rendering services in Brisbane have to take appropriate evasive actions. They have their own ways to address this pretty serious matter and fix it.

Cracked bricks and soggy stone blocks

At times, bricks crack due to structural movement in case of older houses. Though a few of these cracks can be fixed, when there are too many of them, it poses a problem for rendering. Again, an experienced company would go some extra miles to repair this damage, and they have their own ways to do so.

The same goes when it comes to taking care of the stone blocks that are too moist or damp. This is particularly important, as blown brick or loose or a cracked render are particularly dangerous as they tend to soak up rainwater and cause utter damage.

Cracked and peeling walls

This is another concern that the North Brisbane rendering companies have to encounter. Over time, wall paints develop cracks and flakes and start peeling off, exposing the exterior substrate of the wall.

The problem starts with the appearance of hairline cracks and then flaking follows. Generally, paints of inferior quality go through this phenomenon. When this happens, rendering companies have their jobs cut out.

Other ancillary issues

The woes of these companies do not end with these. There are other issues that they have to encounter. They may include the likes of rending failures from previous companies, accumulation of rust on the bricks, graffiti, undulating surfaces, improper waterproofing, and other minor defects.

However, a proper and experienced cement rendering company would address all these issues and many more with competence. That is why selecting qualified and experienced cement rendering companies always count.

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The author is the owner of a quality North Brisbane rendering company, which offers cement rendering along with other types of rendering service. The author is also a rendering specialist and writes blogs on various types of rendering.