Insuring a mobile doesn’t guarantee benefits in all the cases of losing it. There are some certain cases, when a mobile user may not get advantage, inspite of having insurance for their mobile phones. Yes, you should know these points well to make use of insurance policies for mobile phones properly. Knowing these points is always advantageous as it makes you alert to avoid these situations that are not covered by your insurance agency. However, one may not avoid all the circumstances due to different reasons still; one may try how far they can make it possible.
A mobile, left unattended at a certain place and if lost; insurance agency will not provide any kind of insurance benefits. Therefore, when you insure your mobile, you mustn’t leave it unattended any time at any unsafe place. However, this doesn’t happen in most of the cases. But sometimes people leave their mobile in their unattended car, or a shopkeeper keeps his mobile on the table. In both these cases, if stolen, insurance agency will not provide coverage. Therefore, always try to avoid leaving your mobile at any unattended place. It is a good practice as well. By making it habit, you will be able to save it. Otherwise, chances of missing it will increase.
An insured mobile may be lost from the custody of another person, not from the owner like, relatives, friends, etc. However, in such cases insurance company will not bear the risk. This principle is followed by most of the insurance agencies. While you insure your mobile, try to be sure about these issues from your insurance company so that you can avoid these instances.
In addition, if a mobile is lost due to war, insurance agencies responses in the same way. They never take responsibility in this case. This also happens in the case of nuclear peril. Though, people become involved in these situations rarely still; insurance companies make it sure in their declaration so that they can avoid misunderstanding with their clients. You can ask for detailed information to be familiar with these conditions from your iphone insurance agency.
Damage in your mobile due to wear and tear is not compensated by an insurance agency. Insurance agencies go on with this type damages. By knowing do’s and don’ts, mobile insurance companies accept, you will be in a better situation, where no misconception would remain regarding insurance coverage. Insurance agencies also provide information in this regard, however, if you don’t get it, ask for the same and go through it.
As insurance agencies take the responsibilities in providing you compensation as per the contract, on the other hand, you also have some responsibilities in this course. Being the owner of your mobile, you have some responsibilities in protecting it as well. Therefore, after covering your mobile under an insurance policy, you are not released from the duties and responsibilities from protecting it any way. Insurance companies contracts with a client with a good faith. Therefore, protecting your mobile is a joint venture. Both the parties have to play their role positively, only then the best results can be assured in protecting your mobile.

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