Many bisexual people who suffer from mental illness because of closest. It takes a lot of courage to show your bisexual identity correctly. Here are some tips for coming out as bi.

1: Recognize your bisexual orientation
You must revisit your sexual orientation, not because you like something and think you are bisexual. The meaning of bisexuality is that a person can be attracted to men and women. Ask yourself deep inside if you have a sexual urge to both men and women.

2: Proud of being bisexual
As a bi who is about to come out, you must accept yourself first. Although there are some prejudices in this society, it is only possible to live a happy life by presenting the true self to society.

3: Be prepared adequately
You must be clear about how many friends will support you, how many people will stay away from you, and whether your heart will withstand these pressures. Especially your parents and best friends. Special attention is made to know if your company accepts the LGBTQ crowd. If you are a student, bisexual status may affect your scholarship and so on. All in all, you must be fully prepared before coming out. Here are 2 tips for testing friends:
Try to present a bisexual theme and understand their reactions. The theme can be that a celebrity is bisexual and so on.
Ask your friends' opinions about the LGBTQ flag
4: Choose the most trusted friend
Usually, I will tell my closest friend to the secret of bisexuality before coming out as bi. If the friend supports you, then this will give you great courage. On the contrary, you can't feel sad and lost. You must re-engage with courage and tell them you are happy as a bi.

5: Step by step
When you get the understanding of your friends, you can gradually express the truest self, don't be afraid, most of your friends will understand. Coming out is not a one-time and simple thing, they need times to understand you. After you come out as bi, you can find your lover on bisexual dating sites.

6: Prepare for common problems
Many people are shocked when they first know that you are bisexual, and then they will ask you a lot of questions, you must be prepared. You can't prepare all the questions, but it's always best to think ahead. Here are a few answers to help you:
When did you have this idea?
Do your parents know?
What if someone discriminates against you?
Do you want children in the future?

Organize the answers to these questions and convince you.
7: Tell them you are very happy as bi
Parents in the world want their children to have a good time and tell their parents to be happy as a bisexual. Some people might be worried about how you'll cope in a homophobic society. Talk about how being openly bisexual helps you feel felicity and happy, and ask for their support.

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