Learning is often defined as an observable change in one’s behaviour. This change is enough to show that learning has taken place. But isn’t there an equation involved in that change itself? For instance a teacher who solves equations with ease may suddenly discover that there are different ways of solving the same problem. If you multiply two three digit numbers you would take some time to solve them. With experience you may discover some tricks to multiply faster. If you use the same method repeatedly to solve similar problems you are only applying the same equation. This does not necessarily help you in triggering learning experiences in your students. Repetitive ways may seem useful immediately but if you close your mind to novel techniques then you would not develop perspectives needed to inspire your students.

For the windows of the mind to open up there has to be fresh air. If there is mist outside and too much noise then the mind naturally stays closed. It is the same with learning. A tutor can come across many challenges while communicating knowledge. These challenges give room for learning equations to be solved. While it is necessary for the tutor to do homework on students in the form of needs analysis, he/she must not view the learning equation as predictable. There must be space open for newer possibilities and this will only develop in the tutor, transformations in methodology.

A learning-equation can be defined as a specific experience where the tutor/teacher aims to nourish the learner’s cognition to bring about mutual equivalence in the state of awareness. How the tutor goes about bringing equivalence is a matter that gives him/her scope for innovation. There has to be a democratic environment to solving such real-time learning equations. The advantages of a democratic environment for learning are the following:

1. There is no inhibition in learning.
2. There is freedom to raise any number of questions
3. Correct and incorrect answers are only trivial.
4. Importance is shifted to clarity.
5. Behavioural changes are long lasting.
6. Due to active participation learning experience is likely to flow.

Online tutoring thrives on active participation of learners. It fosters the flow- experience which is akin to creativity and your learning experience never gets this exciting. Achieve clarity and understand your aptitude even better. Online tutoring makes you achieve learning as learning is achieving.

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