Steve Daines For Montana Congress Elections 2012: With the rising cost of oil Americans are seeing more and more of their savings going to pay for transportation costs. This problem is coming at a time when America is already experiencing a prolonged period of high unemployment which is unprecedented for the current generation and rising food costs which is tied to the rising cost of fuel.

America has the unique ability to take control of all of these problems within the borders of our nation and Montana is positioned to lead in the problem solving. With vast amounts of natural gas, oil, coal, wind, and sunlight right here in Montana, we are uniquely positioned to take the lead in moving our nation to a domestically produced energy future.

For far too long America has been excessively dependent on foreign sources of energy. Congress must work to reduce the red tape that is obstructing American energy production and innovation.

We must bring about a comprehensive market based energy policy, grounded in responsible domestic production, which puts both our natural resources and our citizens to work. In order to move towards this goal, and ensure an energy independent future for generations to come, we must look at all market based energy options, both traditional and alternative.

Exploring and developing our own energy resources will allow us to lower fuel and food costs as well as employ thousands of Americans with high paying jobs.

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Steve Daines Views and Agenda: Steve Daines is an American businessman and politician from Bozeman, Montana who was the Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor of Montana in 2008, running on the ticket with Roy Brown, the Republican nominee for governor. Now Steve Daines is a Republican nominee for Congress in Montana.