Those possessing the wealth of a brilliant intellect too are scientists in a certain sense. Various institutions and systems of the government and society work as per their directions and pressure. Lest social vile traditions and individual unethical activities/behavior were vehemently opposed then the energy saved from getting wasted could have been deployed for great wholesome world tasks. Thus we would fail to see crimes and unethical behavior lording over us. If the laymen were given freedom to live a life of average stature we would not see poverty raising its hood anywhere. Everyone would thus have lived a life of unity and equality. Thus no craters of poverty would have been seen nor hills of wealth been built. Everyone would thus have attained an equal opportunity to rise in life. Everyone would hence have eulogized the intellectual and scientific progress made in the last few centuries and with its apt usage every particle of earth would have been glorified.

People take up vile habits of drug addiction, alcohol inebriation etc simply because they are given freedom to do so. Ere its production was disallowed, those who indulged in them were duly punished, none would show zest for undergoing a slow paced suicide. Since people would have saved themselves from this noose from the mental standpoint they would have become well balanced and would protect themselves from all kinds of censure and downfall in life. Such type of varied trends are conjoined to the above mentioned tainted addictions which have become one with man’s daily living. Vile activities that augment sexual lewdness and lust have become part and parcels of the world of fashion. Decoration, make-up, beauty aids etc contribute to all this. Untold amount of wealth is wasted in hoarding ornaments. If rising intellectualism had dared opposed all this wastage, explain to people its dangers, then lavish marriages that make us poor and unethical would not have been encouraged as is seen today.

If we wish to rise high it can be done so only with slow speed yet if we undergo a downfall it does not take even a few seconds. This is exactly what happened in past days. In the name of shrewdness foolishness was imbibed. The proof of this is that despite seeing pomp and gaiety everywhere in the external man inwardly is becoming hollow and badly beaten down. An atmosphere of worry, agitation, suspicion and discontent lords over us all both, within and without. None are happy. None is contented. Since mental poverty has taken over us widespread wealth too has become a cause of increase in strife.


We shall discuss here a few contemporary situations. Over here such an analysis has been made that lest due efforts were made to reform future times it would benefit one and all. Yet since this has not happened despair overtaking our psyche is natural but know that it is a dire thing to happen. As a result of it our will power breaks down and zest gets obstructed.

It is not as though creative endeavors have come to a total grinding halt. No doubt laxness has entered efforts that try to reform present times and render the future radiant yet it is not totally absent. If man’s zest is oozing forth then despite the attacks of obstacles so much can be done which can only be called stupendous. Potent efforts that lead to building of Egyptian Pyramids, Panama Canal, Suez Canal, Great Wall of China etc have been executed in an atmosphere of hopeful enterprise. When many people together lift a very heavy object their collective energy shouts aloud ‘Heya’ which reaps success for them in their endeavor.

In the 2nd world war when Britain was facing defeat its Prime Minister gave a slogan to the British citizens called ‘V for Victory’ in order to fire up their mental power. It meant that we shall definitely win even if the enemy is very mighty. This slogan got broadcasted in such a widespread manner that it became a symbol of definite faith and victory. This slogan shouting showcased a miraculous transformation and that Europe which was staring at defeat now started fighting the enemy with revved up fire in their bellies. A tattered Japan despite the fearful situation of Hiroshima took up creative tasks. It did not allow the will power of its citizen to weaken even a wee bit and hence in the world of finance it is a big leader. This is definite that if people’s faith based on the needs of the times of this era is given a wholesome direction to their thinking process then there is no reason why a joyous world future and radiant situations shall not manifest. This flow shall render straight that which is lopsided with great effort and know that it shall definitely be made possible.

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