Just as the flame is a symbol of wisdom, national flag that of patriotism and image that of deity similarly the sun which renders the sky brilliant ceaselessly is looked upon as the symbol of radiant God and Savita. While chanting the Gayatri Mantra Savita deity is meditated upon. Savita is the pair of Savitri and via Gayatri-Savitri worship this very Savita Energy manifests.

It is said in Shakanand Tarangini (3/4/1):

Gayatri bhavayeddevi suryasarakritashrayam.

Pratamadhyanha sandhyayam dhyanam kritva japaetsudhihi.

MEANING: A wise person should by meditating at dawn, noon and dusk (Trikal) on Gayatri Super Power in the form of the sun, should do Japa.

Elsewhere also it is said:

Devasya savituryaccha bhargamantargatavibhum.

Brahmavadin swahurvarenyam taccha dhimahi.

MEANING: Self realized masters call great, the brilliance within Savita deity and we meditate on it.

Scriptural scholars have described the important role played by Savita in mundane and spiritual arenas. They ordain us to conjoin to Savita deity in order to gain divine radiance. The great thinker Mahidhar says that in Savita rests the divinely manifest Purush (God). That brilliant mass of light is an inspirer and knows the inner state of all creatures. Glorified by all sciences it is divine bliss incarnate. It is capable of destroying the entire cosmos. It is truth incarnate which is apt to relate and pray to. By meditating on it, the divine light augments manifold in our inner soul which gives us knowledge, discrimination and divine bliss. Scriptural seers say:

Buddhe bodhayita yastu chidatma purusho virat.

Savitustaddharenyantu satyadharmanabhishwaram.

MEANING: That cosmic conscious Purusha (God) which aids our intellect to walk on the path of greatness is also Savita which is truth, righteousness, divine in form and revered.

Maharshi Agastya while emphasizing the above fact says that:

Yo devaha savitasmakam dhiyo dharmadi gocharaha.

Prerayettasya yadbhargastam varenyamupasmahe.

MEANING: We meditate on the revered radiant light of a deity named Savita which helps our intellect imbibe righteousness etc.

The Muni of great penance Parasharji says:

Devasye saviturbhargo varaniyam cha dhimahi.

Tadasmakam dhiyo yastu brahmatveva prachodayat.

MEANING: We meditate on the laudable radiance of Savita deity which helps our intellect imbibe divinity.

A major role is played by the worship and mediatation/concentration on Savita deity in order to march ahead, soul uplifting wise. For those devotees who wish to attain salvation and are immersed in divine thoughts for them in order to ward off the bondage of Maya and mental taints/distortions, Upanishads describe in great detail Prana Vidya, Panchagni Vidya, Madhu Vidya, Purusha Vidya, Shadi Vidya, Shandilya Vidya and other 32 types of sciences/worship techniques. Amongst these within Udgitha Vidya a description of Antaraditya Vidya is detailed which tells us to meditate on the sun. Meditation on Divine Intellect Gayatri seated in the center of the brilliant sun renders a devotee’s soul sacredly pure and all desires get fulfilled. A clear description is given in the Vana Parva of epic Mahbharat that the entire world gets light from the sun. It is the cause of creation too. It gives salvation. Solar worship always reaps good results. If a person after controlling the mind and psyche meditates/worships the sun, his/her desires will doubtlessly get fulfilled.

Savita the deity of Gayatri is the center of life, wisdom and science of the world. It is also the center of all other deity energies. What ever is there in the 4 Vedas is but the description of Savita-energy. Via austerities, spiritual endeavor and faith great Yogis are immersed in attaining it. As per ones inner inclinations name and form can be anything but in reality this Savita deity is the one worshiped by all. In order to attain it every spiritual aspirant or seeker must make intense efforts.

Rishi-Munis immersed in worshiping Savita deity via Yoga merge their soul in that mass of radiance super vital force Almighty God. Shukdevji while concluding his spiritual practice attained a certain inner state which is described in epic Mahabharat as follows:

Tasmad yoga samasthayatyanatva vriha kalevaram.

Vayubhutaha praveshyami tejo rashi divakaram.

Shukdevji said: By getting reinstated in Yoga I by giving up this body enter radiant sun by becoming wind in nature.

The Upanishad authors while ordaining us to worship this great Savita deity has thrown light on its supreme nature too. And they have accepted it to be the doer of overcoming soul taints.

Suryashwa ma manyushcha manyupatayashcha manyukritebhyaha papebhyo rakshattam.

Yadabhya papamkarsham.

Manasavacha hastabhyam.

Padabhyamudagsa shishna.


Yat kincha duritam mayi.

Idamaha mamamritayonau surye jyotishi juhomi swaha.

The inspirer of the world, sun, protect me from those sins which appear due to anger etc. All those sins I have accrued at night via mind, speech, hand, legs, stomach and genitals may they disappear. I am offering myself to solar light God within the womb of nectar by saying Swaha.

Ya iha vaa va sthiracharanikaranam nijaneketanam.

Manaindriyasuraganananatmanaha swayamatmantaryami prachodayat.


You are the soul of all and inner witness. All animate/inamite beings of the world depend on you. You are the inspirer of their unconscious like psyche, sense organs and vital force.

In Trikal Sandhya for dawn, noon and dusk worship 3 images are described. At dawn it is Brahmi, at noon Vaishnavi and at dusk Shambhavi Gayatri are described seated on their vehicles viz. royal swan, eagle and bull respectively. In reality these are the 3 fold description of the Vedas. The deity Savita is Rigaveda incarnate in the morning, Yajurveda at noon and Samaveda in the evening. It etches in the devotee’s heart the vault of 3 sciences of the Vedas. Rigaveda is connected to Yoga of Wisdom, Yajurveda to Yoga of Action and Samaveda to the Yoga of Devotion. Meditation on Savita deity renders our psyche conducive to the spiritual practice of these 3 Yogas. These 3 facts are described as Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Riga is Brahma, Yaju is Vishnu and Sama is Siva. Via these 3 those who do Gayatri worship in the form of trikal sandhya attain wisdom, grandeur and sacred qualities. On this basis the one and only God Savita principle is painted in 3 ways as 3 images:

Rigbhi purvanhe divi deva iyate yajurveda tishthati Madhya anhaha.

Samavedenastameya mahiyate vedairsunyastribhireti suryaha.

…………………… SHRUTI

MEANING: In the morning the sun conjoins to Riga, at noon to Yajuhu and in the evening to Sama.

Maharshi Yajnavalkya while describing the technique of worship of this very Savita does so in a very crisp manner regarding its importance, special quality and attainments as follows:

Om namo bhagawate adityakhil jagatatmaswarupena

Kalaswarupena chaturvidhi bhutanikayanam brahmadistamb

Paryantanamantarhridayeshu bahirapi chakash devopadhi

Navyayadhiyamanobhavaneka evam kshanalava nimesha vayavo pachit

Sanvatsar gane namamadanavisargabhyiamiyam lokayasamamubahate.


I bow down to Om manifest Sun God. O Lord! You are the soul of the entire world and are time incarnate. Inside and outside the heart of all beings, right from Brahma to a blade of grass by pervading as space yet devoid of all labels you are God who is one without a second. You run the lives of all via Sanvatsaras since you are Kshana, Luv, Nimesh etc (measures of time) and pull and shower rain water.

Along with these sentiments every Gayatri devotee should meditate while doing Japa. This meditation may be with name and form on Divine Mother or can be formless like a mass of radiant light. In both states the sentiment is ‘Surya maddhata sandhyastha’. One must hence concentrate/meditate on Savita deity who is supremely radiant and an inspirer of a pious intellect. The energy fount of Gayatri-Savitri is Savita deity. There is an inseparable bond between Mantra and deity and thus along with Savitri austerities one must never forget to meditate on Savita deity.

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