The purpose of software engineering can be learned Have you ever heard of software engineering? So software engineering is often referred to as software engineering and has become popular in 1968. In that year the software engineering conference was organized by NATO. Some people say that software engineering is only limited to how to make computer devices. Though there are quite clear differences between computer programs and software.

So software engineering is software development to develop, maintain, and rebuild using various engineering principles so that it can produce software and be able to work effectively and efficiently for its users.

The Purpose of Software Engineering

In general, the purpose of software engineering is no different from other engineering fields. In the field of engineering will always strive to be able to produce outputs with high performance and precise completion, and use costs that are not too much.

The software services that many companies are looking for are

1. Web Development

2. Mobile Development

3. Product Design

4. Discovery Phase

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So more specifically it can be said that the purpose of this software engineering is as follows;

• Have a goal to produce software that is high-performance and reliable every time

• Obtain much lower software production costs

• Capable of producing software with low maintenance costs

• Able to produce software that can work on various types of platforms

So the purpose of this software engineering is a lot and always strives to produce better output.

Software Engineering Scope

Not only understand the purpose of software engineering, but you also have to understand what the scope of software engineering is, such as the following;

Software requirements, have a relationship between the requirements specification and software requirements.

• Software design includes the process of presenting the component interface architecture and other characteristics of the software.

• Software construction deals with the details of software development including algorithms, coding, and fault finding and testing.

• Software testing, used for testing the overall software performance.

• Software maintenance will include various kinds of maintenance efforts when the software is already operational.

• Software configuration management has a relationship with efforts to change the software configuration so that it can meet certain needs.

• Software engineering management has to do with the management and measurement of RPL, including software product planning.

• Software engineering tools and methods are used to cover theoretical studies of RPL tools and methods

• Software quality to emphasize the quality and life cycle of the software.

• The software engineering process relates to the implementation, definition, management, and improvement of the software engineering process.

The scope of software engineering is also very broad to support the quality of the software so that it can run according to the wishes of the user.

The objectives of software engineering are quite broad ranging from producing quality software, to obtaining low production costs for software, and so on. Of course, knowing these goals can help you learn more about software engineering.

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Software Engineering Goals