How to create a website like Facebook? Starting out from scratch will be an absolutely nightmare, unless you are an already skilled programmer. Fortunately, SocialBiz is out there which has already done all the work for you.With this program, you will be able to start your own social network quickly and easily.

Info about SocialBiz
Whether you want to start an online social networking business, or you want to build a site for niche or professional community, SocialBiz software will allow you to not only create your own social network, but also to launch several features in your site, including chats, searches, profiles, payments and services. Installation of the program on your server is free, and you can also use their hosting service. If you are stuck in a step and cannot move further, their management manual and support system will always be there to help you out. The software that you install on your server has a basic structure, and you can add other options as and when required.

Chief Characteristics of the Software
The social networking site that you will create will have a unique design, and the entire task can be done if you have little knowledge of HTML and PHP/MySQL. Social bookmarking tools will be available, including, Google, Magnolia, Furl, Digg, BlinkList, Technorati and StumbleUpon. With Video2Flash option supporting ffmpeg format of videos, you will able to play youtube-like videos on your social networking site. The users will be able to login to your site by their email. With image watermarking feature, every photo that the users upload on the site can be stamped with their personal motto or logo. In this way, they will be able to promote their brand and increase its recognition in the industry.

Sources of Communication
The users on your social networking site will be able to communicate with each other, in ways of chats, inner messages, P2P messages, handshakes, calls and shout boxes. Flash chat options will be available, offering customizable skins and multiple rooms to the users. Like Pokes on Facebook, the users will be able to wink or handshakes with each other. Ajax IM is an effective messaging tool which facilitates P2P communication, as the users will be able to exchange messages, track users status, view contact lists and use formatting.

If you are planning to create your own social network now, you can easily opt for SocialBiz and get people connected. Your site will serve as a platform, where people from different parts of the world, having similar interests, will be able to meet and communicate with each other.

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