Getting experienced help makes a difference. Filing the application for a Social Security disability claim is fairly easy, and a lot of people do it on their own.

However, the rejection rate on claims is 65% and after that, an appeal is required. At that point, it is very helpful to have an experienced Colorado Social Security disability lawyer.

The claim process for Social Security disability benefits is complex

The relative ease of the initial filing process can be deceptive because once a Social Security disability case gets to the appeal level the system is very complex.

The Social Security disability benefits process is governed by an enormous body of regulations, and working with these regulations is extremely difficult.

The Social Security disability regulations set out a five-step sequential evaluation process for disability claims. Each of these five steps includes long and technical definitions of special terms and phrases.

There are a variety of things that a Social Security disability attorney will do to help prepare you for the appeal hearing in front of the Social Security Administrative Law Judge. For example, a Richmond disability lawyer will:

•Check the Social Security file to make sure that it contains all the material that it should so that when the Administrative Law Judge reviews your case everything will be available.

•Talk to your doctors, therapists, and other medical personnel to make sure that they understand what is needed in the reports that they make to the Social Security Administration.

•Talk with you, both to keep you informed about what is going on and to give you tips on how to testify at the hearing so that you understand what types of things the judge may be looking for and how you can best explain your disability and the limitations that it causes for you.

•Work with you to identify good witnesses who can testify about your disability at the hearing, and then work with those witnesses so that they know how to best express what they know at the hearing.

A Social Security lawyer will help you during the appeal hearing

A Social Security disability attorney will not only help ahead of time in the preparation for the hearing but will also sit next to you during the hearing and continue to help.

First, a disability lawyer understands the process and the Social Security rules and regulations and can make appropriate legal arguments to the Administrative Law Judge when necessary.

Also, just by being there, a disability attorney will provide you with both legal and emotional support. In many ways, you are your best witness because you understand your disability and limitations better than anyone else.

However, testifying can be very intimidating, particularly when it is so important to your future. A disability lawyer who already knows your story will make sure that your testimony covers all the right areas with the thoroughness that is needed for the Administrative Law Judge to get an accurate picture of how much your disability limits your ability to work.

As you know, your Social Security disability claim is extremely important to your future. Give yourself the best chance of success by getting experienced help.

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