When it comes to social media, it is often seen as something that people use to express themselves. Here, they can talk about what they have been doing with their life, and they can share their views on certain topics.

And, when one does this online, it is going to allow their ‘friends’ to see what they have to say. There is then going to be no reason for them to get in touch with each person individually.

A Difference Response

However, even though this is something that one can do when they use social media, it doesn’t mean that they will. There is the chance that one will decide to keep everything to themselves.

Therefore, if they have the need to say something, they could end up sending a message. Or, they could just keep their views to themselves, and open up to the people they know in the real world.


On the other hand, one could decide to share their whole life online, and this shows that they don’t feel the need to hold back. This can mean that one will talk about what they have been doing each day.

Along with this, they can share their views on what is taking place in the world, and this might cause other people to criticism them. At the same time, this can all depend of the kinds of things they come out with.

The Other Part

As if one was to only say things that match up with what they hear about on the mainstream media or if what they say is politically correct, for instance, it can cause them to receive approval. One is then not go to say anything that is ‘controversial’, and so they won’t need to worry about offending anyone.

What will also have an effect here is who they are ‘friends’ with, and their friends could generally have the same outlook as they do. As a result of this, it won’t be difficult for them to receive their approval.

A Parrot

And while one may have taken the time to think about what they are saying, this might not have taken place. Instead, one may just listen to the mainstream media and accept what they are told.

There is also the chance that their friends have the same approach, and everything they know about the world is then going to come from the same source. If this source of information doesn’t want them to know about something, there is as strong chance that they won’t find out about it.

Virtue Signalling

How one views the world can then be defined by what they have been told and, when their ‘friends’ have been conditioned in the same way, they are going to come out with the same things as their friends do. If someone else was to say something that was different, they could end up having a go at them.

Based on how they view the world, they can see themselves as being a good person; whereas when another person has a different view, they can be seen as being bad. One way of looking at it will be to say that one can be more concerned with coming cross in the right way.


At the same time, could simply believe that how they see the world is the truth. Thus, if another person has a different outlook, there is going to be no reason for them to question what they themselves believe.

It can just be a chance for them to tell someone how they don’t know what is taking place, and they might even label them in some way. They could even go one step further and delete them from their profile.

A Risk

What this shows is that if one doesn’t simply go along with what the mainstream media tells them and they are willing to think for themselves, they may end up being treated like a criminal if they were to share their views online. Yet, if they were to talk about more trivial things, they might be fine.

When it comes to what is taking place in the world of politics or if an election is about to take place, it might be a good idea for them to keep their views to themselves. That is unless they have the ‘right’ outlook.


Through holding back, it can stop them from falling out with people and it can even stop them from losing their job. What this shows is how freedom of speech is not something that truly exists in today’s world.

It might be more accurate to say that as long as one says the right things, their livelihood won’t be affected. Naturally, there are going to be some people who say whatever they want online, and there can be a number of reasons as to why they don’t hold back.

Another Reason

One could also decide to share very little online because they value their privacy, and they are not going to want to share their life with the world. They could believe that if they do share their views, it could cause people to take what they say out of context.

It is then going to be better for them to talk to people in person about when it comes to how they see the world. And if they only talk to people who they are close to, it should give them the chance to be heard without being labelled, amongst other things.


If one goes along with the mainstream media, they are not going to need to worry about sharing their views online. There is as strong chance that this is not going to cause them to be seen in a negative light by most people.

But if they listen to the alternative media or simply think outside the box, they might need to think about if they are willing to face the consequences that may arise if they were to share their views.

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