When someone has a social media account, there are a number of things that they can do. Even so, they might just prefer to use it to talk to their friends from time to time.

If this was to occur, it could be said that it would simply be another part of their life; it is not going to be something that they depend on. The people who they talk to online could then be people they actually know in the real world.

One Side

One way of looking at this would be to say that this is someone who would be on one side of the spectrum when it comes to how social media can be used. This could be a sign they were around for a number of years before it was invented, but this is not always going to be the case.

Their age could be irrelevant, and it could come down to the need to experience life differently. Perhaps they value their privacy, and see social media as being somewhere where this will be lost.

So Much More

On the other hand, one could see social media as being an extension of themselves, and this will mean that they won’t just use it to talk to their friends. It could be seen as a platform where they are able to express their true-self.

When it comes to who they are ‘friends’ with online, it could relate to people they know and to people they have never even met before. Their focus could be on having plenty of ‘friends’, and it won’t matter if they know them or not.


But regardless of whether one is on the other side of this spectrum or somewhere in the middle, they can have the desire to express themselves online. This can occur through uploading images and sharing what has been taking place in their life.

The pictures they do share can be edited to look right, and they can take their time to make sure that their status also sounds right. This is the kind of control that they could only dream about in the real world.

Instant Attention

And if they have the desire to receive attention, they are not exactly going to need to exert themselves. This could take place if they were to feel down or needed approval from others, for instance.

One way for them to receive attention would be to share things that relate to their own life; another way would be to share things that have no connection whatsoever. A video that will make people laugh or ones that has animals in can do the job.

Current Affairs

Or, one could look into what is currently taking place in the world, and end up sharing something that is connected to it. Once again, this could be a video, article or they could share their views.

This could be a time where they will speak their mind, or they could look into what other people are sharing. If they were to speak their mind, there is the chance that they won’t receive a lot of attention; in fact, they could end up being criticised for it.

The Safe Option

Yet, if they were to look at what other people are sharing, there is a greater chance that they will receive positive feedback from others. And although they will be behind a screen during this time, the responses they receive from others can have the same effect as they would if they were around real people.

Therefore, if one has a strong need for approval, it could be normal for them to only share things that are likely to be seen as acceptable by their ‘friends’. Their need to speak their truth will then end up being ignored in order for them to be approved of by others.

Out of Touch

At the same time, one could be in a position where they are completely consumed by their need to receive approval. They are then not going to realise that they are not in touch with themselves.

Their views can be defined by other people, and they won’t take the time to come to their own conclusions. In this case, one can be conditioned by others without even realising it; with this being the best way to keep someone enslaved.

The Presidential Election

And as it has recently been revealed that Donald Trump will be the next president of America, one could feel the need to share their views on this topic. This could be a time where they will talk about how bad the result is, and they could even blame the people who voted for him.

It is then likely to mean that they will receive a lot of positive feedback for others; this can even cause them to be seen as a good person. One can then feel good about themselves and their image can be enhanced at the same time.

Echo Chamber

This could be something that takes place because one actually believes what they are saying, or it could just be seen as an easy way to receive approval. Either way, it is unlikely to have a negative effect on them.

Through receiving this kind of feedback from others, it would be easy for them to conclude that they are good and the people who voted for Trump are bad or simply misinformed. Their mind can then end up being closed and it won’t be possible for them to take a deeper look into why he won.

Black and White

But if they were asked why they have this outlook, they may end up talking about what they heard from the mainstream media. This source of information is then going to be what has defined their outlook.

However, if this source of information is controlled by the same people who funded Hillary’s campaign; why would they tell people the truth? Their agenda was to get Hillary into the white house; it wasn’t to give people the information they need to decide who the best candidate would be.


Ultimately, the mainstream media was nothing more than Hillary Clintons PR arm. If one believes that Hillary is good and trump is bad, it can show that they have been indoctrinated by the very source that is meant to inform them.

What this shows is that the mainstream media can’t be trusted; they have failed the very people who they are supposed to serve.

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