If one wanted to find out what their ‘friends’ have been going, there is a strong chance that they will end up using social media. And while they might end up looking through one site; they could also look through a number of different sites.

What this comes down to is that is that one may be a member of a number of different sites. This will then give then a number of different options when it comes to staying up to date with their ‘friends’.

A Few Times a Day

This could be something that they do throughout the day, or it might be something that takes place at the end of the day, for instance. It can all depend on what is taking place in their life.

For example, if they were at work, it might not be possible for them to use social media throughout the day. Having said that, they could have the kind of job where they can use it whenever they like.

Time Consuming

And in most cases, one may find that while they enjoy using social media; it is not something that disrupts the rest of their life. So they can use it and then they can carry on with the rest of their life.

Whereas if this is not the case; they could be in a position where it has a negative effect on other areas of their life. This is then the difference between watching TV from time to time and watching it all the time; if one watched it all the time, other areas of their life would be neglected.

Easily Done

One could say to themselves that they want to look over what their ‘friends’ have been doing and then they will do something else, and then before they know it, they could end up being online for a few hours. It would then be easy to say that they are weak-willed, but this would overlook how engaging social media is.

As there will be so many things that they can click on and watch, it is easy to see why they would use it for so long. And after they have been using it for all this time, they might not even have sent anyone a message.

Likes and Comments

If they had spoken to their friends, it could have been something that took place through leaving comments and ‘liking’ what they have shared. As a result of this, there is the chance that they would only know about what their ‘friends’ wanted them to know about.

Now, it could be said that even if they had spoken to them in real world they would still only find out about what they wanted them to know, and this is something that can’t be denied. However, when someone shares something on social media, it can end up being seen by a lot of people, and so they can feel the need to hide certain parts of their life.

For Example

One way of looking at this would be for one to imagine the difference between speaking to a few of their friends in the real world and speaking to an audience. They are likely to find that there is a greater chance of them sharing how they feel with a few friends than an audience.

If this wasn’t the case, it could be because they are conducting some kind of workshop, and it might then be necessary for them to open up about how they feel. Thus, when they are with a friend in the real world, they are more likely to feel at ease, and it will then be a lot easier for them to open up.


Having said that, if one doesn’t feel comfortable opening up, it might not matter who they are with. As a result of this, they could find that it doesn’t matter whether they are online or if they are in the real world, as they could present themselves in a similar same way.

And through living in this way, they could find that they often feel lonely and cut-off from others. The way for them to change this would be for them to share what is actually taking place for them, and thorough doing this, they will be able to feel connected to others.

Selective Sharing

Yet while someone can only share certain things online, they can also share things that don’t reflect what is taking place for them. In this sense, they will be sharing things that have no basis in reality.

Or if they do, they will be greatly exaggerated, and if one was to meet them in person, they would soon find out that there is more than meets the eye. Through realising this, one could end up feeling as though they have been deceived.


At the same time, one could believe that what they see reflects the kind of life that someone is living, and this could then cause them to experience: discontentment, jealousy, resent and even envy, among other things. And while someone can end up trying to deceive others; they also end up trying to deceiving themselves.

One of the primary ways that someone can deceive others is through the kind of pictures that they share. For instance, they can share pictures that have been heavily edited, and the kinds of facial expressions that they have might not reflect the experiences that they have been having.

A Fake Smile

They could come across as though they have been having the time of their life, but if one was with them when they took a certain picture, they may find out that this is nothing more than an illusion. Based on this, it could be said that they are more concerned with looking as though they having a good time than they are with actually having a good time.

Their main priority could be to look good in the eyes of others, and it is then not going to matter what their life is actually like. On one hand then, this is likely to mean that they will end up receiving a lot of ‘likes’ and comments, but on the other hand, they could feel empty and miserable.


If one is in a position where they feel the need to deceive others online, they could take the time to look into why this is. Through doing this, they will be able to work on the areas of their life that are not as fulfilling as they would like them to be and this will give them to chance to change their life.

When this happens, the life they present online can then be an accurate reflection of the kind of life that they have. It might also be necessary for them to reach out for external support.

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