When one uses social media, it gives them the chance to express themselves in a number of ways. As a result of this, it can be somewhere where they share things from time to time and stay up to date with people, or it can be so much more.

In this case, it could be a small part of one’s life or it could be seen as extension of who they are. Therefore, when one goes online, it will be somewhere where they can express their true-self.

No Limits

So while one can be in a position where they are unable to do this in the real world, this is not going to be the case when they go online. At the same time, they may find that they can only be themselves at certain times when they are offline.

The kinds of restrictions that one experience’s in the real world are not going to be found when they use social media. For one thing, they will be behind a screen and this means that they are unlikely to experience too much pressure.


If one was to express their true-self offline, for example, this would be something that takes place through how they behave and the kind of life they lead. And in order for one’s behaviour and their life to be a reflection of who they are, they would need to be in touch with their feelings and needs.

Now, this is not to say that their life will always be an expression of these aspects, but that they would play a significant role in what their life is like. If, on the other hand, they were out of touch with their needs and feelings, it would be a challenge for them to express their true-self.

Feeling Safe

What is also important is that one will need to feel that it is safe for them to express who they are. As if one didn’t feel safe in their body, it wouldn’t be possible for them to express their true-self on a consistent basis.

In fact, it could mean that it stops them from being who they really are, and it would then be normal for them to be who others want them to be (or who they think they want them to be). This shows that it is not enough for one to be in touch with their needs and feelings; they also need to feel that it is safe enough for them to express them.

Social Media

When one expresses their true-self online, it is going to be something that generally takes place through the kinds of things they share. One of the most important things will be the profile picture that they use.

And not only can they make sure that they get the right angle; they can also make a number of changes to the picture itself. This then gives them the chance to look perfect, and this is something that they wouldn’t be able to do in the real world.

Other Ways

As well as this, one can share pictures on their wall, and while these pictures might have their face in them, they might not. One could have the need to upload ‘Selfies’ on a regular basis and/or they could share pictures of what they have been doing with friends and/or family, for instance.

During the moments when this is not taking place, it can be a time where they talk about what they have been doing and how they feel. These are just a few of the ways in which one can express their true-self online.

One Step Further

However, when one shares pictures or talks about how they feel, for instance, it could be said that they rely on other people to develop certain conclusions about them. And there is also the chance that the kinds of things they share won’t have the desired effect.

Thus, what one can also do in order to express who they are is to label themselves, and in today’s world, there are plenty of descriptions for them to choose from. Through using these descriptions, other people will only need to view their profile in order to understand who they are.

A Platform

And while some of these descriptions are relatively new, there are others that have been around for quiet some time. What it all comes down to is that social media has made it easier for people to use them.

One can use these descriptions to reveal their sexual orientation, gender identity and religious affiliation, among other things. This then gives one the ability to reveal a lot about themselves to others, and there will then be no need for them to do anything else.

It’s Positive

When one labels themselves, it is going to be seen as something that allows them to express their true-self, and this means that it is empowering. But although this is the case, it doesn’t mean that everyone is going to have the same outlook.

For some people, it is going to be hard for them to understand why someone would want to label themselves. And this is likely to come down to the fact that people are often told that they shouldn’t label others.

The Reason

It is that when one labels another person, it can stop them from being able to see them as a whole human being. As a result of this, their very essence ends up being overlooked, and one can end up seeing them as an object.

Now, when one labels themselves it could be said that it is different, as they are the ones who are choosing what labels to use. Yet at the same time, one is also putting themselves in a box, so to speak, and their very essence is being overlooked.

A Cover Up

There is also the chance that one can end up using labels instead of doing what they need to do to develop themselves. In this sense, a label gives them something else to hide behind and allows them to feel ‘special’.

If one was to take the time to develop themselves and to embrace their inherent value, it would take work, and it might also cause them to feel uncomfortable. But by using labels, they can feel different without needing to do anything.


If one can relate to this, it might be a good idea for them to take a step back from social media and to develop themselves. This will make it easier for them to live the kind of life what they want to live in the real world as opposed to simply creating their ideal life online.

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